How to Request Materials

This page contains information about how to request materials for on-site research. If you are interested in scans or other reproductions, see our How to Order Copies page.

Please note that we do not pre-pull material, and we will not send you any notification that your material is ready to be used. The vast majority of collection material is on-site and can be retrieved in a timely manner when you arrive. We share this patron registration and request system with Duke University’s David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and they have different policies and procedures for handling requested material. Please contact that library for details.

If you are coming to our secure reading room to view a book or other item described in the online catalog, select the request button on the right hand-side of the catalog record. Library staff will retrieve the requested materials for you to view once you have arrived on site*. If you have not yet created a researcher account, selecting this button will prompt you to create one.

Similarly, if you are coming to view material described in an online finding aid, select the request button towards the upper left-hand corner of the finding aid.

Once you have selected the request button, you will be directed to our Request System’s Sign On Page. If you have not already registered, select your affiliation and continue with the registration process. If you have already registered, sign in to your account using your Onyen, NetID, or username and password.

After you have signed in, you will be presented with a page containing information about your request. In those instances when you are interested in viewing a portion of a collection or a specific volume from a series, you will need to narrow your request:

  • For archival materials:

  • For monographs and serials:

To finalize your request, you need to schedule a date and submit your request:

The materials that you have requested can be viewed in Wilson Library’s secure Special Collections Research Room on the second floor of the building (on the same floor as the main entrance).

If you have any questions or concerns about the materials you have requested, please email our research staff at