Guidelines for Using the Pleasants Family Assembly Room

General Statement

The Pleasants Family Assembly Room is managed by the Special Collections Office in Wilson Library. It is available for Library events such as meetings, lectures, conferences, symposia, programs, and concerts; and events involving Library staff as members, such as the annual meeting of a professional organization. As circumstances permit, the room is also available for University sponsored scholarly, administrative, and professional events.

Receptions/refreshments are allowed in association with such events, in the building’s main lobby adjacent to the Pleasants Family Assembly Room, or in the room itself.

Users are responsible for returning the Pleasants Family Assembly Room and the lobby area to their standard arrangement and for removing all trash from the room immediately after use. Failure to do either may impact future reservation requests by your group.


Scheduling is handled by Eileen Lewis ( University academic and administrative units may schedule up to six months in advance. If you are interested in reserving the Pleasants Family Assembly Room, please fill out the Request for Use form.


Reservations for regularly scheduled meetings/classes are not accepted (exceptions: Undergraduate Admissions; short series of weekly meetings; Employee Forum and Faculty Council monthly meetings). Bookings from organizations and groups lacking University sponsorship or affiliation are not accepted. The Library reserves the right to judge the appropriateness of the event for the room, and to arbitrate between events seeking the same date and time. Library events will be given first priority if another request is received for the same date and time as the Library event.

Circumstances of Use

Building use is limited by the need to maintain the security of the special collections housed in Wilson Library. The room is generally available from 8am to 5pm weekdays. For exceptional events, evening hours may be scheduled in coordination with Special Collections Office staff. Special collections office staff is responsible for making internal arrangements for building security.

Available Audio-Visual Equipment

  • Lenovo Computer
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • 1-corded microphone
  • Podium
  • VHS Player (closet)
  • DVD Player (closet)
  • Extension cords

Other Available Equipment/Furniture

  • 15 – 6ft tables (closet)
  • 4 – 8ft tables (Request in advance)
  • 1 – Flip chart stand (closet)
  • 2 – Large burgundy trash cans (closet)
  • 1 – Bottle/Can recycle bin

Returning room and lobby to original order

Users are expected to return room back to original order immediately following use of the room, as follows:

Leave all 120 chairs facing the stage, with two 42” side aisles, and one 44” middle aisle, and the first row (at front of room) starting behind the side entry door. Leave 21” between each row of chairs. Return all tables and other equipment from closet to the closet, put screen up, open curtains and blinds, and neatly arrange lectern and green leather chairs at front of room. Leave light switches ON.

Close closet door during and after room use.

Dispose of all trash, handouts, etc., generated by your event.

The Library is providing the room free of charge. We depend on your efforts to keep the room clean and put back in its standard arrangement to maintain this no-cost approach.