Pleasants Family Assembly Room

Reservations Unavailable

Most reservable spaces in the University Libraries are unavailable.

Designated areas in Davis Library and the Health Sciences Library are open for use. Learn more about available spaces.

Wilson Library’s public spaces are used year-round for meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by the University Library. Other groups affiliated with the University may reserve some of these public spaces, chiefly the Pleasants Family Assembly Room. Pleasants is a multi-media classroom with seating for up to 120, and it can be reserved free of charge by faculty and staff for meetings and other special events.

If you are interested in reserving the Pleasants Room, please review the Guidelines for Use, which explain policies regarding reservations, public safety needs, food service, and room arrangements, then fill out the Request for Use form. If you require additional information, please contact Eileen Lewis at

All groups that use Pleasants are responsible for room setup and for cleanup. Please note that Wilson Library does not have an event staff to set up rooms, arrange for catering or clean up after events that are held in Pleasants. Training on the use of the audiovisual equipment must be arranged in advance by contacting Eileen Lewis at

If you are interested in a tour or research assistance for a class or group, please see our Teaching with Special Collections page.