Current and upcoming exhibitions and events sponsored by the Rare Book Collection



Room 504, Wilson Library
1:00-4:00 p.m.

Come by Wilson Library this Halloween to learn about and make zines! Zines are small, self-published books and magazines with artwork and text used to spread art, ideas, and information. Drop in to this fun, casual event and apply your DIY skills to making your own. A variety of zines from the Sloane Art Library will be on display for inspiration, and there will also be a button maker outside on the front steps where you can make Halloween and library-themed buttons!


Incubator Awards Informational Open House

Room 504, Wilson Library
1:00-4:00 p.m.

Please join us in Wilson Library to learn more about the Incubator Awards Research Grants, a collaborative project between the Wilson Special Collections Library and the artistic student community of UNC that is designed to encourage artists of all types to engage with library collections for creative projects. This open house will provide details for any student interested in participating.

Incubator Awards Poster


The Making of Maestra: Women and the 1961 Cuban Literacy Campaign

Melba Remig Saltarelli Exhibit Room, Wilson Library
5:00 p.m.

The Cuban Literacy Campaign of 1961 had 250,000 volunteer teachers and resulted in 700,000 people learning to read. The documentary MAESTRA captures this powerful story of literacy and rural community by exploring the experiences of nine women who, as young girls, taught in the campaign. We invite you to join us for a screening of the documentary, which will be followed by a discussion with UNC researchers and film director Catherine Murphy.

Making of Maestra Poster

MAY 22–AUGUST 29, 2017

Memory, Reason, Imagination: 400 Years of French Printing

Melba Remig Saltarelli Exhibit Room, Wilson Library

This exhibition presents a survey of the Rare Book Collection’s French imprints from the first printer at the Sorbonne in the 1570s to the avant-garde productions of France’s modernist poets, with an emphasis on intellectual history.

JANUARY 21, 2017–MAY 14, 2017

World on Fire in Flames of Blood: Narratives of the Russian Revolution

Melba Remig Saltarelli Exhibit Room, Wilson Library

One hundred years after 1917, the Russian Revolution continues to puzzle, inspire, and horrify. Drawing chiefly from the Savine Collection, the exhibit will examine the complexity of events through the prism of various narratives, from official propaganda and eyewitness accounts, to historical analyses and literary representations.

Poster for World on Fire in Flames of Blood exhibit

MARCH 22, 2017

Rare Book Collection Recent Acquisitions Evening

Fearrington Reading Room, Wilson Library
5:00–7:00 p.m.

A not-under-glass display of additions to the Rare Book Collection from the past two years, including the Library’s eight-millionth volume, presented by the Hanes Family Foundation.

Poster for 2017 Rare Book Collection Recent Acquisitions Evening