Online Exhibitions and Digital Collections

A listing of web-based exhibits and digital collections featuring materials from the North Carolina Collection research library, the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, and the North Carolina Collection Gallery.

political buttons

Campaigns and Causes: Political Memorabilia in North Carolina

This online exhibit showcases a selection of campaign buttons and other materials from the North Carolina Collection Gallery’s holdings of political memorabilia.

Doll, ticket and locket keepsakes

Carolina Keepsakes

A selection of artifacts from the North Carolina Collection Gallery that represent the history of UNC throughout its entire existence, from the 1793 plaque laid with the cornerstone of the first campus building to objects from the modern era.

evolution thumbnail

The Evolution Controversy in North Carolina in the 1920s

This online exhibition examines the controversy surrounding the teaching of evolution in North Carolina public schools and universities in the 1920s. Focused primarily on events related to the 1925 “Poole Bill,” the website contains an introduction, timeline, and key primary sources introducing the topic.

Old north carolina 5 and 10 dollar bills

Historic Moneys in the North Carolina Collection

This digital collection presents a variety of North Carolina currency from the late-seventeenth century through the present.

Pinback for World's Larges Bureau in High Point, NC

Lew Powell Memorabilia Collection

This digital collection presents a selection of items from the Lew Powell Memorabilia Collection in the North Carolina Collection Gallery. Lew Powell is a former journalist who reported and edited for the Charlotte Observer for thirty-four years until 2009. In addition to reading and writing about the state, Powell prolifically collects memorabilia related to North Carolina. He has donated thousands of objects to the North Carolina Collection.

1898 election thumbnail

The North Carolina Election of 1898

This primary source toolkit introduces students and researchers to one of the most significant elections in North Carolina history. This site includes many original sources, including controversial and influential editorial cartoons from the News and Observer.

map thumbnail

North Carolina Maps

A comprehensive online collection of historic maps of the Tar Heel State. Featuring maps from three of the state’s largest map collections — the the North Carolina Collection, the North Carolina State Archives, and the Outer Banks History Center.

postcard thumbnail

North Carolina Postcards

This digital collection contains a wide-ranging selection of postcards depicting scenes from all over North Carolina throughout the twentieth century.

DeBry engraving

Picturing the New World: The Hand-Colored De Bry Engravings of 1590

This online exhibition displays images from a rare, hand-colored 1590 volume in the North Carolina Collection containing the earliest published illustrations of North Carolina.

Silhouette of human head made from newspaper

Papers for the People

Though North Carolinians may be turning more frequently to the web, social media, and broadcasting for their news, these media have not entirely supplanted the printed word. As in the past, residents of the Old North State turn to serialized publications—newspapers, newsletters, magazines—to get news that matches their specific interests. This exhibition features North Carolina news sources from the 1800s to the present pulled from Wilson Library’s stacks.

two men stand in front of protesters of the speaker ban

A Right to Speak and to Hear: Academic Freedom and Free Expression at UNC

An exploration of events that tested the University’s commitment to academic freedom and free expression from the 19th Century to the 21st. A digital version of an exhibit that appeared in the North Carolina Collection Gallery from February 21 to June 2, 2013.

goose grease linament thumbnail

Sour Stomachs and Galloping Headaches

An online presentation of a North Carolina Collection Gallery exhibit highlighting treatments for common and not-so-common illnesses in North Carolina in past centuries.

Students posing with tar heel ink

Tar Heel Ink: Student Publications at UNC, 1844-2005

A selection of student publications from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1844-2005. Based on an exhibit in the North Carolina Collection Gallery.