Single copies of publications still in print are available upon request and free of charge, unless price and distribution information are given. Please address requests to: Rare Book Collection, Wilson Library, CB# 3936, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-8890.

Olan V. Cook. Incunabula in the Hanes Collection of the Library of the University of North Carolina. 1940 (out of print).

Olan V. Cook. Incunabula in the Hanes Collection of the Library of the University of North Carolina. 1960 (out of print).

William Wells. The One Millionth Volume. The Poet and the Poem, The Printer and the Book. 1960 (out of print, available digitally).

Fred Schreiber. The Estiennes: An Annotated Catalogue of 300 Outstanding Books from Their 16th and 17th Century Publishing Houses. 1984 (out of print).

William D. Ilgen. The Bernard J. Flatow Collection of Latin American Cronistas. 2005 (available).

Michael A. Gómez. The Seven Millionth Volume. Juan Latino and the Dawn of Modernity. 2014 (available in print and digitally).

Hanes Lectures

1 (1980). Ruth Mortimer. A Portrait of the Author in Sixteenth-Century France. 1980 (out of print).

2 (1981). G. Thomas Tanselle. The History of Books as a Field of Study. 1981 (out of print).

3 (1982). William B. Todd. The Gutenberg Bible: New Evidence of the Original Printing. 1982 (out of

4 (1984). Fred Schreiber. The Hanes Collection of Estienne Publications: From Book Collecting to Scholarly Resource. 1984 (out of print).

5 (1985). Alan Fern. Off the Wall: Research into the Art of the Poster. 1985 (available).

6 (1986). Elizabeth L. Eisenstein. Print Culture and Enlightenment Thought. 1986 (available).

7 (1988). Paul Needham. The Bradshaw Method: Henry Bradshaw’s Contribution to Bibliography. 1988

8 (1989). Jonathan Williams. Uncle Gus Flaubert Rates the Jargon Society. 1989 (out of print).

9 (1990). Michael Winship. Ticknor and Fields: The Business of Literary Publishing in the United States of the Nineteenth Century. 1992 (available).

10 (1989). Nicolas Barker. The Future of Typographical Studies. 1996 (available).

11 (1991). Terry Belanger. Education for Books as Physical Objects (not published).

12 (1995). Edward G. Holley. Library, Philanthropy, Publications, and UNC’s Emergence as a Major
American University. 1998 (available).

13 (1998). S. E. Gontarski. Modernism, Censorship, and the Politics of Publishing: the Grove Press
Legacy. 2000 (available).

14 (2011). David Freedberg. Pictures, Books, and Science: From Description to Diagram in the Circle of Galileo (not published).

Exhibition Publications

Wordsworth’s Romantic Landscape: Nature and Books. 1988 (not available).

A Celebration of Donors: Selections from the Rare Book Collection. 1996 (available).

Living in Print: The Legacy of Sylvia Plath, An Exhibition of Selections from the James R. and Mary M. Patton Collection. 1997 (available).

Celebrating Five Million Volumes: An Exhibition of Materials from the William Butler Yeats Collection. 2000 (available).

“Time and the Smell of the Earth”: The Life and Writings of Seamus Heaney. An Exhibition of Materials from the Henry C. Pearson Collection. 2001 (available).

A Collector’s Passion: The Kidney in the History of Medicine. Selections from the Carl W. Gottschalk Collection. 2001 (available).

Walker Percy: From Pen to Print. 2002 (available).

Geniuses Together: Literary Expatriates in Paris from Gertrude Stein and James Joyce to Samuel Beckett and the Beats. 2003 (available).

Lines Drawn in the Sand: The Life and Writings of Allen Ginsberg. 2004 (available).

Jack Kerouac: The Road Revisited: Selections from the Collections of Wilson Library. 2005 (available).

Nobel Times Four: Yeats, Shaw, Beckett and Heaney, an Exhibition of Irish Literary Materials in Wilson Library. 2006 (available).

Unearthing the Maya: Highlights of the Stuart Collection. 2007 (available).

A Being More Intense: British Romantic Writers in the Rare Book Collection. 2007 (available).

The ABC of Collecting Everyman’s Library: Archives, Books, Collectors. 2008 (available).

The Beats and Beyond: Counterculture Poetry, 1950–1975. 2008 (available).

Presenting John Keats: A Celebration of Six Million Volumes. 2008 (available).

Rooms of Wonder: From Wunderkammer to Museum, 1565–1865: An Exhibition from the Collection of Florence Fearrington. 2014 (available in print and digitally).

Elizabeth L. Ott. Lyric Impressions: Wordsworth in the Long Nineteenth Century. 2016 ($25, available through UNC Press).