Southern Oral History Program Collection

The Southern Oral History Program collects interviews with Southerners who have made significant contributions to a variety of fields and interviews that will render historically visible those whose experience is not reflected in traditional written sources. The Southern Historical Collection is the repository for oral histories collected by the SOHP. Information about these oral histories can be found in the SOHP Collection Interview Database. Additionally, audio and transcripts of a select group of oral histories have been digitized by Documenting the American South.


Southern Oral History Program Interview Database: The Interview Database provides more detailed information for each interview, including the interview date, interviewee name, details about interview format, information about transcripts, and other information. The Database may be searched by interviewee name, interviewee occupation, interviewee ethnicity, interviewer, subject, project, or interview number.

Oral Histories of the American South: Audio and transcripts from a select group of oral histories have been digitized and made available over the Internet. Interviews can be browsed by topic and transcripts can be keyword searched.