Kenan Science: Loan Policies

By borrowing library materials you are agreeing to pay any fine or fee that is charged for materials that are returned late, damaged or lost.

Loan Policies for Printed Materials (Books, Printed Music, etc)

Most libraries in the UNC University Libraries system have the same basic policies for book checkout and renewal.

Faculty: 180 days
Graduate Students: 90 days
Undergraduate Students: 30 days
UNC Staff: 30 days
Non-affiliated Borrowers: 30 days

Loan Policies for Science Library Journals

UNC affiliates: 2 days
Non-affiliates: Building use only

Loan Periods for Science Library Reserve Items

All print reserve items in the science library circulate for 2 hours. Items with special formats or locations may have different loan periods; please ask staff for more information.

Loan Policies Exceptions for Specific Libraries

The Undergraduate Library, Health Sciences Library, Law Library and Journalism (Park) Library circulate books for 30 days regardless of the user's affiliation. Physical course reserve materials have varying loan policies dependent on the reserve location. Media Resources Center lends materials to all faculty, students, staff, and anyone with a UNC Borrower's Card. Videocassettes and DVDs are due three days after check out. Compact Discs are due one week after check out. Most books from the Highway Safety Research Center, North Carolina Collection, Rare Book Collection, and Southern Folklife Collection, cannot be checked out. For availability check the catalog. For specific loan periods see the individual library or collection. School of Government Library lends materials to all faculty, students, staff, and North Carolina residents with proper identification for 30 days. The library lends materials to School of Government faculty for one year.


Items that are not on hold for another patron or on course reserves may be renewed online through the My Library page. All borrowers except UNC faculty are limited to three online renewals. Books which have been renewed online three times may be brought back to the Library and renewed in person, which will reset the online renewal count. Circumstances such as book recalls, outstanding fines, or an expired Borrower’s Card may prevent online renewal.

Recalls and Holds

If a book is checked out you may request to have it put on hold or recalled in person or by using the Interlibrary Loan/ Carolina BLU Document Delivery system. See more information about recalls and hold.

Returning Books

Books may be returned to any library on campus. Specialty items such as media, equipment and course reserves materials should be returned to the library where they were checked out. Media items returned to another location will get delivered back to the correct library, but they will not be checked in and cleared from the borrower’s account until the owning library processes their return. The borrower is responsible for any additional fines that accrue until the item is checked in at the owning library.


Library patrons are expected to return or renew items by their due dates. Due dates are set at the time of checkout, renewal, or recall. Patrons may confirm due dates at any time and renew items online via My Library. The library sends courtesy reminders by email but does not recommend relying solely on email reminders to keep track of due dates.

Overdue Book Fines

The grace period for standard book loans is three days, or thirteen days for UNC faculty. Books begin to accrue overdue charges at the rate of $.50 per day per item after the grace period has expired. The maximum charge for overdue fines is $25 per item, unless the item is recalled.

Recalled Book Fines

Additional fines apply to books that have been recalled for another borrower. Overdue recalled items accrue an additional $0.50 per item per day. There is no grace period for recalled items; fines begin accruing as soon as the book is overdue. The addition of the recall fine can more than double the total fine charged.

Lost Book Charges

Patrons are responsible for books that they have borrowed, and will be fined for lost books. Books are automatically declared lost when 42 days past due. Lost book fees are $100 ($75 replacement fee; $25 processing fee). The maximum regular overdue fine for a lost book is $25 if the patron returns the book after it goes into lost status. If the book was recalled, fines will be greater. A patron who does not return a lost book will be expected to pay the replacement charge of $100. If the actual replacement cost exceeds $100, the fee will be the replacement cost plus a $25 processing fee.

Damaged Book Charges

Patrons are responsible for books that they have borrowed and will be charged for damage to books. The minimum damaged book charge is $7.50. The maximum charge will be for the replacement fee of the book. Patrons should not dog-ear pages or stick any adhesive materials in library books. Patrons may be charged for highlighting, underlining or writing in library books, or for placing post-it notes or other adhesive markers in books. The library charges a $0.25 removal fee for each post-it or adhesive left in books that are returned.


When books have been damaged beyond repair or are known to be irretrievably lost then patrons may contact the library to discuss replacing the books for a processing fee of $25, in lieu of paying the $100 fee. Replacement copies may be subject to an additional recall fine if the item being replaced is overdue and was recalled by another borrower prior to the due date. Replacement copies must be new books and must be the same edition as the lost items, or newer. Used copies are not acceptable replacements; please contact the Billing Supervisor if a book is out of print. Hardcover books are preferred but paperbacks are acceptable.

Paying Fines

Recently accrued fines for items checked out from the Undergraduate Library, Health Sciences Library, Law Library and the Park Journalism Library should be paid at their respective library. Recently accrued fines for items checked out from Davis Library, Sloane Art Library, Kenan Science Library, Music Library, SILS Library, and Stone Center Library may be paid at Davis Library. Typically fines accrued by students are transferred to the Cashier’s Office the next business day (or, within a few days) and should be paid in person at the Cashier's Office or online (for students). If you have questions about paying your fines, please contact us.

Appealing a Fine

Fine appeal should be submitted to the library which owns the overdue or lost item; the owning library is identified in the email or paper notice sent to inform you of the fine. If you are appealing charges owed on items from multiple libraries, you will need to submit a separate appeal to each of those libraries. To appeal a fine, please use our online appeal form. If you have questions or concerns about a charge on your account please contact the library directly before submitting a fine appeal. If a book you have already returned is still listed as checked out on your account more than one business day after you returned it, please contact the library immediately to request a search, rather than submitting a fine appeal.

Interlibrary Loan

Books and journal articles not available at UNC-Chapel Hill may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Borrower's Card Fees

For information about acquiring a borrower's card, see UNC Borrower's Cards.