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We are available to answer your drop-in questions in person or via chat and Zoom during designated hours. Ask your question via chat here to get started! We’ll respond with a Zoom link if needed. You can also schedule a consultation with a specialist by following the links to their pages listed below.

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Need more in-depth assistance? Contact one of our specialists.

Staff Member

Areas of Expertise

Lorin Bruckner
Data Visualization Services Librarian
Exploring data and communicating findings through data visualization.
Michele Hayslett
Numeric Data Services and Data Management Librarian
Locating, acquiring, and understanding numeric data; data management and curation.
Matt Jansen
Data Analysis Librarian
Cleaning and preparing data for analysis, data transformations, statistical analysis, text analysis, and reproducible research.
Philip McDaniel
GIS Librarian
Tia Francis
Digital Research Support Specialist
Locating spatial data, exploring data through spatial analysis, and communicating research through mapping.
Contact Philip for assistance with advanced level questions, and Tia for beginner/intermediate questions.

Amanda Henley
Head, Digital Research Services

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