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Contact one of our specialists to request a consultation. We also offer a service desk on the 2nd floor of Davis Library and are available to answer your drop-in questions M-F 12pm-5pm (see our hours page for details).

Staff Member

Areas of Expertise

Lorin Bruckner
Data Visualization Services Librarian
Exploring data and communicating findings through data visualization.
Adam Dodd
Data/Applications Analyst
Bibliometric analysis and visualization of research publications and other outputs; focus on health sciences.
Barrie Hayes
Bioinformatics and Research Data Librarian
Bibliometric analysis, visualization and tracking of research outputs; data management; finding & using bioinformatics resources and research data; focus on health sciences.
Michele Hayslett
Numeric Data Services and Data Management Librarian
Locating, acquiring, and understanding numeric data; data management and curation.
Matt Jansen
Data Analysis Librarian
Cleaning and preparing data for analysis, data transformations, statistical analysis, text analysis, and reproducible research.
Philip McDaniel
GIS Librarian
Locating spatial data, exploring data through spatial analysis, and communicating research through mapping.
Gracie Riehm
Digital Research Support Specialist
Beginner/intermediate questions about GIS/mapping; finding, cleaning, and preparing data; data visualization; and statistics.
Rolando Rodriguez
Humanities Data Librarian
Text analysis; data mining; working with tools and methods for acquiring, preparing, analyzing, and visualizing data (including social media data); creating online exhibits, digital maps, and other digital projects.
David Romito
Science Librarian
Science data management and discovery; data cleaning; bibliometric techniques for research output analysis.
Fei Yu
Health Technology and Informatics Librarian
Advanced bibliometric/altmetric techniques for citation analytics; data retrieval, combining diverse data types for analysis and visualization; focus on health sciences.

Amanda Henley
Head, Digital Research Services