Faculty Support

Library Data Services offers Library Data Consultants to assist faculty with data-related research projects and courses. This is a new pilot program beginning spring 2023. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; projects are assigned based on capacity.

What is a Library Data Consultant (LDC)? 
Library Data Consultants (LDCs) are data-savvy graduate students employed by the University Libraries during the fall and spring semesters to support students and faculty working with data. Their role is to assist with finding, generating, using, and interpreting data and communicating with data visualizations and maps. This program was inspired by the Graduate Research Consultant program offered by the Office of Undergraduate Research. LDCs are focused on supporting courses and projects with a data component. Importantly, each LDC is paired with a full time library staff member who provides support and answers questions as needed.

How can an LDC help you? 
Support from the LDC program can take a variety of forms. Here are some examples: 

  • Processing, generating, using, and analyzing data for research projects 
  • Creating, updating, or “test driving” data-driven assignments and exercises for courses 
  • Supporting students as they work through data-driven assignments and final projects 
  • Creating maps and visualizations for publications or presentations 

This list is not exhaustive; we are always interested in learning more about your data support needs! For examples of projects we have worked on, see our Project Gallery

How much time will the LDC spend on my project, and what is the timeline?  
LDCs generally spend between 2-5 hours per week on a project. Timeframes are based on the size of the projects, but generally last one semester or up to a year.  

Apply now! 
Interested in having an LDC support your class or research project? Please fill out the interest form to be considered for projects beginning fall 2023. We will contact you within one week to follow up.

About the LDCs 
LDCs are usually hired in the fall. In addition to supporting a course or research project, LDCs also work at the Library Data Services service desk on the 2nd floor of Davis Library. At the desk, they provide drop-in data science support such as getting started with data, working with data using specific software, and more.  

This is a pilot program beginning spring 2023. Apply now for projects to begin fall 2023.

Contact Amanda Henley with questions or suggestions.