Public Services Values Statement

This Public Services Values Statement is an extension of the Guiding Principles described in the 2013 UNC Library Strategic Plan (pdf). Using those Principles as our starting point, staff developed the following statement to help articulate and exemplify the high levels of service that UNC Library staff is known to provide, both online and in person. We acknowledge that, in order to ensure a service environment in which patrons are valued, the Library must promote and maintain a staff environment that recognizes quality service and innovation. The following values outline our commitment to maintaining such an environment, as well as describe some of the tangible ways Library staff continuously put our Strategic Plan into action.

Responsive Service

  • Strive to make the library warm and welcoming to users by projecting a friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Be accessible and approachable, and, remember that any public space is a potential service point.
  • Be aware of users as they move through library facilities, establishing eye contact and greeting them as appropriate.
  • Pay attention to the ways patrons use our services, spaces, and resources and respond quickly when we see opportunities to improve, enhance or simplify their experience.

Respectful Service

  • Treat all patrons and their requests with respect.
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all interactions, user records and requests.
  • Accommodate differences and honor diversity.

Reliable Service

  • Address problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide useful and complete information.
  • Refer patrons to other appropriate service points or providers when specialized service exists.

Effective Service Planning

  • Meet current needs and anticipate future needs.
  • Design our public spaces and services to make users successful and self-reliant.
  • Employ technology and assessment techniques to enhance or improve user experiences.
  • Design, improve and deliver services based on library user needs, our strategic plan and service values.