Student Library Advisory Board

The University Library recognizes that a strong, high-quality research library requires input and participation from the student body. The Student Library Advisory Board is a fundamental component of the library’s efforts to support the research, teaching, and learning mission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



The charge is given in Title VIII, Article III, Section 324 of the Student Code:
Subject to the approval of the Student Affairs Committee and the Full Student congress the Student Body President shall appoint five undergraduates as members of this board. All appointments last for a term of one year. The functions of the Student Library Advisory Board include: (1) to provide a mechanism for student suggestions to the library administration, (2) to involve students in the formulation of new library programs and facilities, (3) to incorporate student input in administrative decisions, and (4) to solicit student opinion regarding library programs and services. This body will meet on a monthly basis during the academic year.


The Board is responsible for communicating thoughts, ideas, and concerns to the University Librarian and the Library administration. The primary responsibility of this group is to make suggestions on ways to improve the effectiveness of the Library. Other responsibilities include:

  • Determine how the Student Endowed Library Fund will be spent. This fund is described in Article IV, Section 9 of the Student Code.
  • Provide Library administration with relevant user feedback and advice on library services and resources to support both graduate and undergraduate student study and research needs.
  • Provide input on library policies and services and recommend appropriate changes.
  • Communicate user needs to the Library, and communicate information about library services and resources to the University community.

Board Membership

The UNC Student Library Advisory Board consists of graduate and undergraduate students that broadly represent the academic programs and overall diversity of the UNC student body. Membership is for a period of one year. The Board meets three – four times a semester in the University Libraries. Please contact Suchi Mohanty if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Student Government appointments

Christian Fannell (Business)

Jared Pittman (Public Policy, Political Science)

Graduate and Professional Student Government appointments

Marina Klimova (Library Science)

Chad Lloyd (Chemistry)

Michelle Witt (Library Science)

University Librarian appointments

Zuzelle Ramos (Political Science)

Grace Reihm (Anthropology)