Student Library Advisory Board

The University Library recognizes that a strong, high-quality research library requires input and participation from the student body. The Student Library Advisory Board is a fundamental component of the library’s efforts to support the research, teaching, and learning mission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



The charge is given in Article V, Section 16 of the Student Constitution:
The Student Library Advisory Board shall direct the expenditures of the Student Endowed Library Fund.

Board Membership

The UNC Student Library Advisory Board consists of graduate and undergraduate students that broadly represent the academic programs and overall diversity of the UNC student body. Membership is for a period of one year. The Board meets three – four times a semester in the University Libraries. Please contact Suchi Mohanty if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Student Government appointments

To be announced.

Graduate and Professional Student Government appointments

Luca Azuma (History)

Marina Klimova (Library Science)

University Librarian appointments

Ila Chilberg (History & Archaeology)

Grace Reihm (Anthropology)