Building Use Policies

We welcome everyone to the Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Campus libraries are open to the public. In order to create a welcome and comfortable environment conducive to teaching, learning, and research, we ask for your cooperation with the following library and University policies and in accordance with local, state, and federal law. Library building policies protect library users and staff, access to resources, and the facilities. Users engaging in disruptive or prohibited behavior- may be asked to cease or to leave the library.


Guide and service animals for people with disabilities are welcome in campus libraries. Other animals must remain outside.


Individuals, classes, groups, or organizations wishing to photograph or film library facilities, staff, or users must first request permission from that library building’s administration. Members of the media should contact the Director of Library Communications.

Cell Phones

Set cell phones and pagers to non-audible signals. To make or take a call, please step outside or move to a stairwell or other area away from library patrons AND take your belongings with you to prevent theft.


Children are welcome, but those under 14 must be under adult supervision.


Academic work has priority at library computers. Individual libraries may designate specific computers for guest use, certain academic uses, or other purposes.

Displays, Charitable Collections, and Related Activities

University students, faculty, and staff may request use of library facilities for activities that further inquiry, learning, and service at the University. These activities are at the discretion of the library and may be subject to specific conditions.

Food & Drink

Individual libraries may restrict food and drink in certain areas. Please be reasonable and responsible when bringing food and drink into the libraries. Help preserve a clean and pleasant study environment by disposing of refuse properly; alerting staff to spills; and taking care around library collections and equipment.

Wheeled Transportation (skates, skateboards, scooters, Segways, etc.)

Only equipment used by mobility-impaired patrons is allowed in the libraries.

The Libraries also follow University policies for…

Bicycles and Electric Scooters

Bicycles and scooters must remain outside the library buildings. Please refer to the University Transportation & Parking webpages for bike rack locations and other information.


Smoking is prohibited in any University building, including the libraries, and within 100 feet of all University facilities. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted in campus libraries.


Solicitation is not permitted in the libraries. See the University's policy on the “The Use of Surfaces, Bulletin Boards, and Spaces”.

Conference Rooms

The University Libraries have a limited number of conference rooms for use by Library staff and is unable to accommodate the use of conference rooms by outside groups. Rooms at the Health Sciences Library and the Pleasants Family Assembly Room in Wilson Library may be available for use by UNC-affiliated groups.