Requesting Articles from Cancelled Elsevier Journals

NOTE: The University Libraries continues to subscribe and provide direct access to a set of individual Elsevier journals and previously purchased content.

Rapid Access

Rapid access to articles from cancelled Elsevier journals is now provided by the University Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan service.

Delivery Options

You can choose from two delivery options:

  • 0-4-hour delivery
  • 24-hour delivery

How to Request

  1. When you locate an article from an Elsevier journal that is not available online, begin an Interlibrary loan request.
  2. On the Interlibrary Loan Article Request form, click the link to verify that you are requesting something from a cancelled Elsevier journal.
  3. Once verified, complete the Article Request form and use the drop-down box to indicate if rapid delivery is needed:
    screenshot of part of the ILL request system: Need rapid delivery of an Elsevier article? next to a dropdown showing the options for delivery time.
    (Click for full size image)

    • Standard: 1-3 business days. If no rapid delivery is selected, articles are normally delivered in 1-3 business days.
    • Expedited: 24-hour delivery. Article requests from cancelled Elsevier journals will be filled usually within 24 hours.
    • Urgent: 0-4-hour delivery. Articles needed urgently for research or clinical care are filled in four hours or less, even outside of business hours. The Libraries pays $35 for each request, but there is no cost to you. This service is available to UNC faculty, graduate students, and staff.

If you have comments or questions, contact Interlibrary Loan at or 919-962-1326.