Davis: Graduate Carrels

A limited number of carrels are available in Davis Library, with priority being given to PhD candidate writing dissertations. All carrels are subject to doubling!

How do I apply?

The Davis Library Service Desk can advise on carrel availability and supply an application form.

I think someone has been in my carrel!

The Carrel office makes biweekly visits to each carrel to page requested books, check the carrels for uncharged/building use only materials, and ensure that Carrel Policies are being followed. Patrons are reminded that they will have a carrel-mate because doubling of carrels is mandatory.

When do I need to renew?

The renewal process is covered on the Carrel Policies web page.

If you have any questions about Graduate Carrels, please contact David Pierpont (pierpont@email.unc.edu).