Davis: Graduate Carrels

A limited number of carrels are available in Davis Library, with priority being given to PhD candidate writing dissertations. All carrels are subject to doubling!

How do I apply?

Here is the Carrel Application they are also available at the Davis Library Service Desk. Completed applications should be submitted at the Service Desk or emailed to the carrels manager.

Assignments are made in accordance with policies approved by the Administrative Board of the Library.  The following priorities have been established:

1.  PhD. students writing dissertations

2.  Masters students writing theses

3.  PhD students preparing for qualifying exams

4.  Masters students preparing for qualifying exams

5.  PhD students completing coursework

6.  Masters students completing coursework

7.  Honors students writing theses

8.  Others, when space allows


I think someone has been in my carrel!

The Carrel office makes biweekly visits to each carrel to page requested books, check the carrels for uncharged/building use only materials, and ensure that Carrel Policies are being followed.

When do I need to renew?

The renewal process is covered on the Carrel Policies web page.

If you have any questions about Graduate Carrels, please contact David Pierpont (pierpont@email.unc.edu).