Carrel Policies

Carrel charges

  • All circulating books in the Davis Library collection may be checked out to a carrel. Circulating does not include reference books, journals, microforms, and books marked “Building use only”.
  • Books charged to your carrel may not be removed from the building and they must stay in the user’s carrel.
  • Carrel loans are checked out for an indefinite period of time. When you vacate your carrel, simply bring all of your carrel charges down to the Service Desk to clear your record.
  • Books charged to a carrel or study may not be taken out of the library unless returned to the Service Desk and checked out as a regular charge.
  • Lockers on open carrels are for personal property and books checked out to you personally. Books charged to your carrel must be kept on your desk or bookshelf.

** The library is not responsible for any materials left unattended, whether locked in the locker or left in your carrel.

Removal of books from studies and carrels

  • All study and carrel charges are subject to recall for Reserve or for use by other patrons after one month on a carrel charge.
  • All carrels charges are reviewed twice weekly. Failure to properly charge books to your carrel will result in a warning and removal during the next visit if still not properly charged.
  • Notices are left to inform you of books removed from your carrel for another patron’s use. If a book checked out to your carrel or study is removed without a notice, please report it to the Service Desk immediately.

Assignment and renewals of carrels

  • Faculty and Visiting Scholars applications for renewal of studies are posted in studies by July 1st and must be returned by September 30 of each year. Study users who fail to meet the Fall renewal deadline will be subject to eviction.
  • The Student Carrel Renewal form, twice a year, will be placed in the carrel no later than 30 days prior to the due date (the second Wednesday in April and December). The renewal form must be returned by the deadline in order to keep the carrel.
  • Doubling is an established policy for student carrels. Sharing carrel space is mandatory.
  • Requests to move must be made in writing. Forms are available at the Service Desk.


  • All closed carrel and study users are responsible for lost or stolen keys. You will be required to sign a form acknowledging your understanding that a replacement fee of $25 will be charged for lost or stolen keys. A charge of $5 will be levied for all keys not returned by the renewal date.
  • All faculty and students terminating use of assigned studies or closed carrels should return keys to the Service Desk.
  • Student inquiries and problems should be directed to the Carrel supervisor or Desk supervisor.
  • All faculty inquiries should be addressed to Joe Mitchem.

Tower Regulations

  • Carrels are assigned for study and research purposes. They are not intended to supplement or replace a departmental office. Office hours are not to be held in carrels.
  • Decorations and personal belongings should be kept to a minimum–bring only what you need to feel comfortable. This is meant as a courtesy to your carrel-mate, to decrease damage to walls and doors, and to lessen the chance of theft.
  • Do not block the window in your carrel door. It is necessary for staff to have full view of your carrel upon passing.
  • Please be considerate of others. Keep volume on radios and tape players turned down and, when possible, use headphones.
  • Keep the tower door closed. This helps to prevent disturbances to both you and other carrel occupants.
  • If the temperature in the tower or your carrel is uncomfortable, please report the problem to the Service Desk.
  • Any extended absence (more than two months) should be reported to the carrel staff and the carrel vacated prior to leaving town in order to create space for applicants needing use of a carrel. Reassignment may be made upon the patron’s return.

* Repeated violation of any of the above rules and regulations may result in loss of carrel assignment. Please make every effort to abide by them and be courteous to other carrel occupants. Report all problems to the Service Desk. Thank you!