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Electronic Reserves and the Main Print Reserves Collection

To add an item to your course’s electronic reserves:

  1. Download  and complete the Reserve Request Article/Book Excerpt Form.
  2. Email it to along with the PDF of the excerpt requested.

If you do not have the PDF or the Library does not have the material electronically, you can request it via the document delivery service.

To add an item to physical reserves in the Undergraduate Library:

  1. Download and complete the Reserve Request Book Form.
  2. Email the form to

Books can also be submitted by using the UL Reserves Tool located in the library catalog – See instructions. Personal copies should be submitted to CB #3942.

Books placed in the Main Print Reserves Collection are housed in the Reserve Reading Room in the Undergraduate Library and are available during library hours.

Other physical reserve collections are hosted Art Library, Health Science Library, Music Library, Media Resources Center, Park Library, and School of Information and Library Science Library.

Forms and materials can also be mailed to the Undergraduate Library at CB #3942 or faxed to 962-2697. We will begin processing your list when we have received all materials.

Note: For copyright reasons, we cannot scan whole books for electronic reserves. Only book excerpts and books electronically available at the library can be added. If you place a personal copy of the book on reserve, please be aware that it may be damaged or lost by patrons using the item.

Renewal or Changes:


Contact Reserves Staff ( if you have questions about request forms. Only items requested on the Photocopies or Links forms are eligible for e-reserve, pending evaluation of fair use and permissions restrictions.