Reserves FAQ


How do I submit items to electronic reserves?

To submit journal articles or book excerpts to electronic reserve, please fill out the Reserve Request Article/Book Excerpt Form and submit it to We will also need a scan or photocopy of the articles and/or excerpts, which can be emailed to or sent via campus mail to campus box #3942.

How do I submit books and other physical materials  to the Undergraduate Library reserves?

Books (personal copies or library copies) can be placed on reserve using the Reserve Request Book Form or the Reserves Tool in the Library Catalog (see instructions).

I had e-reserves in a previous semester, but now I can’t find the listing.

For copyright reasons, electronic reserves are not visible to faculty and students in any semester when classes are not being taught. Please contact us at if you need access to your materials.

How long can I keep items on reserve?

We are happy to keep items on reserve indefinitely while a course is being taught. If materials are no longer being used, you can request that we archive them for future use.

If a professor does not contact us about a course for three years, we will remove all the items from reserve.

What do I need to know about reserves and copyright?

Undergraduate Library Reserves will conduct a fair use assessment of items used for electronic reserves. If an item is not considered usable under academic fair use, we will contact the copyright holder to negotiate permission, and pay associated fees. If the copyright holder requests fees that are outside of the library’s ability to pay, we will contact the professor and remove the items from reserve.

I just received a Reserve Renewal Inquiry. What are my options for renewing my reserves for future semesters?

Undergraduate Library Reserves sends out a survey twice yearly – during Spring and Fall Breaks – to ask instructors whether they’ll need reserve items for future semesters.

If a course is being taught for the following semester and the instructor wants their reserves to be renewed, we reset electronic reserve items to make them visible to instructors and students. We also contact copyright holders to negotiate permission to use electronic reserve items, and pay associated fees.

If a course is not being taught, but the instructor plans to use the same reserve items again in the future, we offer an option to archive materials until they’re needed again. Books remain in the reserve reading room, but electronic items are reset to be invisible to instructors and students in order to save on copyright permission fees. Please note that while materials that are not being used in the present semester are still only available to undergraduate students for short-term checkout, graduate students and instructors can obtain an extended loan on these items. Please inquire at the circulation desk to access this service.

If the instructor doesn’t plan to use the materials on reserve again, he or she can ask us to remove them from reserves. Library items will be sent back to the owning location, personal items will be mailed to the instructor’s campus box, and electronic items will be flagged for removal from the server.


How do I find reserves books?

To find books, coursepacks, dvds, and other physical materials, search here for your course number, or use your instructor’s last name.

How do I find electronic reserves?

To find electronic reserves, search here. Login with your ONYEN, and search by your course number or instructor’s last name.

I still can’t find the reserves for my course.

We are happy to help! Contact us at undergradref online, call 919-962-1355, or come by the front desk of the Undergraduate Library for help finding reserves materials.

How long can I use a reserves book?

Reserve books have shorter loan periods so that they can be used by more people. Reserve books are available for two hours, twenty-four hours, or seven days.  During finals, reserve books are only available for two hours at a time.

Can reserves books be renewed?

Reserves books must be renewed in person at the Undergraduate Library circulation desk.

What is the overdue fine on reserves books?

Reserves fines are a dollar for each hour or partial hour a book is overdue. The maximum fine for a reserve book is $50.