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Renewal negotiations will continue into 2020.

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In an era of rising costs and declining revenues, the traditional model of academic publishing is unsustainable for universities.

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On April 9 and 10, anti-Semitic fliers were found by staff in Davis Library, who immediately reported them to the University’s Department of Public Safety.  Interim Chancellor Kevin Guskeiwicz wrote to the Carolina community:  “I am extremely disappointed and appalled …

Statement from University Librarian Elaine Westbrooks Regarding Anti-Semitic Fliers in Davis Library Read More »

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Westbrooks supports and applauds the UC system for taking a bold step to transform scholarly publishing. Carolina’s University Libraries must also work toward solutions that fit our campus.

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University Librarian Elaine Westbrooks knows she has one of the best jobs on campus. The University Gazette explains why.

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