Current Students

Second Year

headshot of woman in front of bookshelf
Kaylin Blount (she/her)
Repository Services

headshot of woman
Cassandra Tanks
University Archives and Records Management Services

headshot of woman with two cats
Kara Wong (she/her)
Software Development

headshot of woman in front of landscape and rock wall
Jordan Green
Kenan Science Library

headshot of woman in front of leaves
Felicity Walston (she/her)
User Experience

First Year

headshot of woman
Brianna McGruder
Southern Historical Collection

headshot of man in front of a tree
Rolando Rodriguez (he/him/él)
Davis Library R&IS and Digital Research Services

headshot of person at the Undergraduate Library entrance
Cas Saroza
Undergraduate Library/Media and Design Center

headshot of woman sitting outside the Undergraduate Library
María Tudela (she/her)
Davis Library Administration and R&IS