Watch: New Scholarship on the U.S. South

November 20, 2023


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In early November, former research fellows returned to Carolina for New Scholarship on the U.S. South: A Wilson Library Fellows Symposium. 

The presenters were all past recipients of the University Libraries’ Southern Studies Doctoral Fellowship. As fellows, they received support to spend an extended period of one to three months engaging with materials in Wilson Special Collections Library. 

 Since 2019, the Southern Studies Doctoral Fellowship has allowed the Libraries to welcome 57 scholars from more than 30 Universities. 

“These and all our fellowships are investments in the success of emerging scholars … and other researchers seeking to make meaningful use of the collections we steward,” said Vice Provost for University Libraries and University Librarian Maria Estorino. “They are a manifestation of our dedication to innovative scholarship and the value that we place on new readings of old documents.” 

Current and former fellows represent a wide range of institutions and scholarly approaches. The symposium provided a unique opportunity to engage with emerging cross-disciplinary trends in historical research about the U.S. South. 

The event was divided into sessions based on common themes, approaches, or challenges across fellows’ research. Matt Turi, Special Collections manuscripts research and instruction librarian, said the event was an opportunity to talk about “things that are painful and that are important when we think about who we are and who we might become.”

Symposium sessions were recorded and are available to stream on YouTube. You can find the full program of speakers on the symposium site or select sessions based on the following themes: