Appointment: Outreach Projects Librarian

April 30, 2021
portrait of Karina Soni

Karina Soni is outreach projects librarian at the University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, effective April 19, 2021

The University Libraries is pleased to announce the appointment of Karina Soni as outreach projects librarian effective April 19.​

In this position, Karina will conceptualize, implement and evaluate in-person and online experiences that enable discovery, enrichment and multi-faceted engagement with the University Libraries’ collections, services, spaces and expertise. She will provide pan-Library leadership for digital content strategies—especially social media content—that guide users toward the effective use of Library resources, spaces, services and materials.

Karina will also deepen the University Libraries’ commitment to student success by promoting and preparing students for civic responsibility and participation through research and the use of information resources.

Prior to this appointment, Karina was social media coordinator for the University Libraries at UNC-Chapel Hill. Previously she was social/clinical research specialist at the Behavior and Technology Lab at UNC Medicine.

Karina holds an M.S. in information science, a B.A. in journalism and mass communications with a focus in public relations and a B.A. in public policy with a focus in global health, all from UNC-Chapel Hill.

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