Appointment: Associate Head of Software Development Department

June 4, 2020
Portrait of Emily Brassell wearing a black shirt

Emily Brassell is associate head of the software development department at the University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, effective June 1

The University Libraries is pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Brassell as associate head of the software development department, effective June 1.

Emily’s management responsibilities will include the University Libraries’ core public web infrastructure; archival information management systems; library catalog discovery systems; and funded special projects that enable scholarly, research and teaching and learning partnerships in the community.

Emily will advocate for and lead the implementation of robust web application portfolio management (APM) and systems analysis practices, including automated testing, software documentation, user-centered system design and the responsible stewardship of software inspired by DevOps practices and design.

She will provide leadership for cross-departmental initiatives with major technical requirements, collaborating closely with units across the Library and University that have related service missions. She will model an approach to user-centered design that values a range of contributions throughout the systems development lifecycle, and she will contribute to open-source software projects.

Prior to this appointment, Emily was application development project manager for the University Libraries at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Emily holds an M.S. in information studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and a B.A. in math and French from Guilford College, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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