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Internet Sleuthing [with staff from the Daily Tar Heel]

Hosted by staff of the Daily Tar Heel! Google is just the first place to start when researching the background of a potential hire, source or date. This session will take you through the ins and outs of publicly available repositories of data.

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Design a Laptop Sticker [with Kenan Science Library and BeAM]

Required BeAM Orientation before attending this workshop.

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From inspiration to asset creation with Adobe Capture

Adobe’s newest mobile app, Adobe Capture, allows you to capture color palettes, shapes, and patterns on the go.

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Create an Interactive Portfolio with iBooks Author [with Apple campus rep]

General computer skills are required, but you do not need specialized prior knowledge.

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Cut a Video in Premiere [with the MRC]

Adobe Premiere is the industry-leading software for creating video projects of all kinds. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to import and edit video clips, create titles, add transitions and effects, and export your video.

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Photoshop I: Create a flyer

Photo editing and design creation are made easier by the one and only Adobe Photoshop. This hands-on workshop will help you become acquainted with the most important Photoshop tools

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