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Undergraduate Library

It’s a birthday bash! Cupcakes on Oct. 23. Donuts and a photobooth Oct. 24. Late-night coffee and bagels on Oct. 25.

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Come share your adventures using #RedBallProject

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Overnight hours and so much more! Discover how the UL can help you succeed at Carolina.

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The longtime manager of the Digital Media Lab in the Undergraduate Library passed away this weekend following an illness. The Library remembers a smart, caring, funny colleague who made a difference at Carolina and in the music world.

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Carolina’s libraries are full of students studying and researching at all hours. Some 350 UNC undergraduates are also Library employees. They provide top-notch service to their fellow students and to everyone who uses the library. To honor student employees who …

The Library Congratulates the 2016-17 Student Employee Appreciation Award Winners Read More »

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