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Name Title Department Campus Box Email Phone
Aeschleman, LukeWeb/Database Development LibrarianHSL Web Developer 966-7637
Agbeblewu, SamanthaLending AssistantInterlibrary 962-3643
Allegri, Francesca (Fran) Department Head, User ServicesHSL User 966-0945
Allen, TiffanyDirector of Library Human 843-5078
Allen, KimberlyRDM Support StaffResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-8613
Ander, KatelynPublic Services and Office ManagerHouse Undergraduate Library: Media Resources 962-4143
Anthony, Jr., RobertCurator, North Carolina CollectionNorth Carolina 962-1632
Aparicio, YuliannaTechnology Lending CoordinatorHouse Undergraduate 962-4188
Apple, AshleyBorrowing AssistantInterlibrary 962-1326
Arnel, ThomasSerials CatalogerE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-2330
Baker, CynthiaBlanket Order SpecialistMonographic 962-2302
Bales, SusanResearch and Reference Services AssociateResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections)
Bannen, KerryDigitization Support 843-4532
Bardeen, AngelaBehavioral and Social Sciences LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3650
Barnett, AlisonBusiness Services CoordinatorNorth Carolina 962-1172
Birken, Bill (William) Adaptive CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-9692
Blythe, JohnSpecial Projects and Outreach CoordinatorNorth Carolina 962-0049
Blythe, KurtSerials Access LibrarianE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-2050
Bolick, Hsi-chuEast Asian Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3651
Bowman, MatthewLSC Project Coordinator and Desk 962-3866
Bowman, EllenHead of Accounting ServicesFiscal 962-3864
Bowman, AmyGeneral Collections Conservation 962-1324
Bowman, MaxSerials and Interlibrary Loan SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-6787
Brassell, EmilyApplications AnalystSoftware 962-4076
Breazeale, RebeccaCataloging SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-7308
Brown, LauraManuscripts and Oral History ArchivistSpecial Collections Technical 962-4240
Burton, JennyPreservation Processing 962-3824
Butler, RebeccaMonographic E-Resources SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-7249
Cahoon, ElizabethInformation Associate/Student SupervisorHSL User 962-0802
Cai, RongAccounting Technician - Reporting & Budgeting SupportFiscal 962-3882
Campbell, JeffreyHead of Library Management SystemsLibrary Management 962-3883
Campbell, MichaelInterlibrary Lending SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-7340
Canada, RachelDonor Communications and Annual Fund 843-5660
Carter, PaulAnalytics CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3659
Casparis, CrystalFines/Circulation SupervisorHouse Undergraduate 962-4185
Chang, Ai-LingAssistant to East Asian Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-1278
Chapa, TeresaLatin American, Iberian and Latina/o Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3948
Chavez, PedroSystems AnalystInfrastructure Management 962-4387
Chenault, Libby (Elizabeth) West European Studies, French, Italian, Germanic Studies, Medieval & Early Modern Studies, Philosophy, and Gender Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3662
Chun, Julia (Jihae) Korean Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3893
Clements, JenniferSerials Acquisitions SpecialistE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3664
Clendening, MelissaEvening Supervisor and Media Materials ManagerHouse Undergraduate Library: Media Resources 962-4142
Coggins, JenniferRecords Services ArchivistUniversity Archives and Records Management 962-6402
Collins, JosephGermanic Languages CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-0153
Comer, AngelaAccounting TechnicianFiscal 962-3887
Comeskey, DanielHead of Reporting, Compliance and Business SupportFiscal 962-3886
Conway, AnneSupervisor, Preservation 962-3665
Copp, JosephWithdrawals Coordinator and Projects AssistantResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3672
Couts, MonaExecutive Director of Triangle Research Libraries NetworkTriangle Research Libraries 843-8546
Cowan, Cyndie (Cynthia) E-Resources & Serials Acquisitions SpecialistE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3673
Cronquist, MichelleNorth Caroliniana CatalogerSpecial Collections Technical 962-4326
Croucher, LisaProgram OfficerTriangle Research Libraries 966-5903
Crowell, KarenLiaison Librarian, Clinical ServicesHSL User 966-0951
Cullom, PatrickVisual Materials Processing ArchivistSpecial Collections Technical 962-4251
Curtis, JimInterim Director of Health Sciences LibraryHealth Sciences 962-1665
Daines, MichaelDigital Repository AnalystSoftware 962-4076
Dalton, JasonE-Resources Acquisitions SpecialistE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3677
Dalton, RobertHistory, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies Librarian (Interim Head)Research and Instructional 962-3807
Dang, Thuy-AnhMedia Resources CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3681
Davenport, HeleneAdministrative AssistantFiscal 962-1255
Dean, Jackie (Jacqueline) Head of Archival Processing SectionSpecial Collections Technical 962-4256
Dean, A.J. (Andrew) Manager, Desktop SupportDesktop 962-4136
Degener, ChristieDepartment Head, Resources Management ServicesHSL Resources Management 966-0947
Dewitya, EileenHead of Bibliographic Cataloging SectionSpecial Collections Technical 962-6901
Diesenhaus, DougAdministrative Special Projects 962-6585
Djenno, MireilleLibrarian for African, African American, and Diaspora StudiesStone Center Library for Black Culture and 843-5808
Downey, MoiraSlavic Cataloging AssistantResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3692
Drewry, JosiahBusiness and Economics LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3694
Du, Christine (Gexin) East Asian CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3696
Dudley, AnneCommunications Manager, Health Sciences LibraryHSL 966-0944
Eades, LynnWeb Development LibrarianHSL Web Developer 966-8012
Elliott, JoannekeApproval Ordering TechnicianMonographic 962-3700
Elmore, DaraMonographic E-Resources Acquisitions SpecialistMonographic 962-1128
Elms, ElenaSlavic Cataloging AssistantResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3699
Erb, SusanneAdministrative AssistantSouthern Historical 962-4788
Erhart, StevenApplications AnalystSoftware 843-5910
Estrada, JeanBusiness Officer/HSL Business ManagerFiscal 966-2113
Fader, AmyTrace Requests & Article Delivery Supervisor; Barcoding Supervisor - Fines & 962-3861
Farrell, Dean (Larry) Applications AnalystSoftware 962-3868
Farrell, David (Paul) Holds and Recalls & Weekend Assistant 962-3899
Fletcher, StephenPhotographic ArchivistNorth Carolina Collection Photographic 962-7992
Flinn, LouiseCataloging and Reserves SupervisorHouse Undergraduate Library: Media Resources 962-4145
Fortner, TanyaCommunications 962-9450
Fujiwara, KathyOffice Manager, Resources Management ServicesHSL Resources Management 966-0501
Funke, ClaudiaCurator of Rare Books, Rare Book CollectionRare Book 962-1143
Gardner, LeTroyNC Serials & Binding SpecialistSpecial Collections Technical 962-4267
Garrett, Buddy (Harold) Tech Support AnalystDesktop 962-3902
Gendron, HeatherHead, Sloane Art LibrarySloane Art 962-1061
Gerdes, CatherineAsst. University Librarian for Financial Planning and Administrative ServicesFiscal 962-3989
Giemza, BryanDirector of the Southern Historical CollectionSouthern Historical 962-4341
Gilliland, AnneScholarly Communications OfficerScholarly 843-3256
Goforth, Jennie (Jennifer) Research and Design Services LibrarianHouse Undergraduate 962-4194
Graf, AngeliaAssistant to Slavic and East European Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3740
Graham, NicholasProgram Coordinator, North Carolina Digital Heritage CenterNorth Carolina 962-4836
GrawOzburn, Chip (Clement) Lending CoordinatorInterlibrary 962-4382
Green, JulieMillennium Acquisitions SpecialistMonographic 962-2301
Gregory, LisaDigital Projects Librarian, North Carolina Digital Heritage CenterNorth Carolina Collection3930gregoryl@email.unc.edu919-962-4836
Grey, Libby (Elizabeth) Asst Head UL/Circulation-Reserves LibrarianHouse Undergraduate 962-4182
Griffin, SusanGeneral Collections Conservation 962-1324
Griffin, StephanieInterlibrary Borrowing and Billing SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-0611
Gunn, Tom (Thomas) Authority Control AssistantResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3701
Gunter, LynnInformation Associate/Room Reservation CoordinatorHSL User 966-6256
Gunther, WandaAuthority Control and Database Management LibrarianResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-0171
Haefele, ChadEmerging Technologies LibrarianUser 962-3702
Hale, ShanePurchasing AssistantFiscal 962-3905
Hamed, MohamedMiddle Eastern and African Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 843-3859
Hamilton, Jr., ScottMRC ManagerHouse Undergraduate Library: Media Resources 962-4167
Handler, LaraLiaison Librarian, School of MedicineHSL User 843-6235
Haney, LeeInformation Associate/Reserves ManagerHSL User 966-1509
Hanson, MichaelEvening & Weekend 962-3906
Harris, SonyaHuman Resources 962-3909
Hart, Andy (Andrew) Head, Preservation 962-8047
Hayes, BarrieLiaison Librarian, Bioinformatics and Translational ScienceHSL User 962-0264
Hayslett, GlennAsst. Head of 962-3913
Hayslett, MicheleNumeric Data Services and Data Management LibrarianDigital Research 843-6958
Heet, BenTRLN Program OfficerTriangle Research Libraries 966-5903
Hefner, LeahApproval Plan Technician (Library Technician)Monographic 962-3703
Henley, AmandaGIS LibrarianDigital Research 962-3704
Hobart, ElizabethSpecial Collections and Humanities CatalogerSpecial Collections Technical 962-4305 [SPCO-TS] (919) 962-3832 [RDM]
Hockensmith, Josh (Joshua) Art Library Technical AssistantSloane Art 962-4434
Hodgdon, TimReading Room Supervisor and Reference AssociateResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections) 962-4346
Hoeflinger, Chink (James) Tech Support SpecialistDesktop 962-3920
Holliday, GenevaHead of Interlibrary ServicesInterlibrary 962-3706
Hollingsworth, Biff (Douglas) Collecting and Public Programming ArchivistSouthern Historical 962-3353
Honnold, SandraRare Book Specialist, Technical Services, WSCLSpecial Collections Technical 962-4271
Huckaby, RebeccaAssistant to the Latin American, Iberian and Latina/o Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-6109
Hunter, CarolDeputy University Librarian and Associate University Librarian for Collections and ServicesCollections and 962-1301
IIie, BarbaraNorth Carolina Historic Newspapers Project LibrarianNorth Carolina 962-4274
Isicson, WendySpecial Projects CoordinatorResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3721
Israel, ConnieE-Resources Cataloging AssistantE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3729
Jack, EmilyDigital Projects and Outreach Librarian, North Carolina Collection GalleryNorth Carolina Collection 962-4331
Jackson, Andy (Thomas) Applications AnalystSoftware 843-5910
Jacobs, Kathy (Kathryn) Firm Order SpecialistMonographic 962-3733
Jacobson, LindaKeeper, North Carolina Collection GalleryNorth Carolina Collection 962-0104
Jansen, MatthewSerials Projects SpecialistE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3745
Jeffreys, NikidaFastCat ReceiverMonographic 962-3751
Jenkins, KevinTRLN, RTP Courier, Serials 962-3929
Jenkins, MichelleSerials Access SpecialistE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3755
Jones, Kenny (Kenneth) SILS Library AssistantSchool of Information and Library Science 962-5983
Jones, SusanArchives/Monographs SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-6323
Kader, EmilyRare Book Research LibrarianResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections) 962-4364
Kaiser, NancyManuscripts Processing ArchivistSpecial Collections Technical 962-4293
Karkutt, MatthewReading Room Supervisor and Reference AssociateResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections) 962-4227
Keizer, CarolineLead North Caroliniana Specialist CatalogerSpecial Collections Technical 962-4326
Kilb, MeganE-Resources LibrarianE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3767
Klaiber, GregoryMedia Lab ManagerHouse Undergraduate Library: Media Resources 962-4141
Knowlton, AndreaAssistant Conservator for Special CollectionsSpecial Collections 962-4250
Kolins, StevenTech Support SpecialistDesktop 962-4195
Lackey, MellanyeLiaison Librarian, Public Health/Global HealthHSL User 843-3136
Ladd, RobertMedia Literacy and Instructional Design SpecialistHSL User 962-0601
Larson, EdwardDesk Operations and Student Training 962-3945
Lawrence, SellersBorrowing CoordinatorInterlibrary 962-3770
Lazar, JasonSpecial Projects CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3771
Lentz, BradshawE-reserves Copyright SupervisorHouse Undergraduate 962-4187
Levinson, SaraLatin American and Iberian CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3775
Lewis, EileenBusiness Services CoordinatorWilson Special Collections 962-0114
Linares, BrendaUser Services Librarian and Liaison Librarian, lnstitute on AgingHSL User 962-0801
Loeb, AmandaArchival ProcessorSpecial Collections Technical 962-1345
London, MichaelApplications Analyst / Database AdministratorHSL Web Developer 843-6237
Longiotti, KeithUniversity Library TechnicianResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections) 843-2529
Loy, JohnAudio Preservation EngineerSouthern Folklife 962-4300
Lucas, DawneSpecial Collections LibrarianHSL Resources Management 966-1776
Mabe, DeniseInformation Associate/USC Operations ManagerHSL User 962-1389
Maloney, TriciaUniversity Library TechnicianKenan Science 843-4466
Mangum, Jay (Isaac) Digitization Support 843-7332
Martin, SusanLiaison Support CoordinatorResearch and Instructional 962-3778
Matthews, TravisStorage Infrastructure AdministratorInfrastructure Management 962-3975
McBride, Renee (Cheryl) Head, Special Formats & Metadata SectionResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-9709
McClain, FredaHuman Resources 962-3976
McDaniel, PhilipGIS LibrarianDigital Research 962-3788
McDuffee, DianaDepartment Head, AHEC and Outreach ServicesHSL AHEC and Outreach 966-0963
McGarty, JamieDocument Delivery 962-3977
McGraw, Kate (Kathleen) Asst Dept Head, User Services/Liaison Librarian, DentistryHSL User 966-1855
McLendon, ClaireReserves Processing SupervisorHouse Undergraduate 962-1054
McMichael, JonathanUndergraduate Experience LibrarianHouse Undergraduate 962-4202
Metz, WinifredMedia Librarian & Head, Media Resources CenterHouse Undergraduate Library: Media Resources 962-4099
Michalak, SarahUniversity Librarian and Associate Provost for University LibrariesUNC University 962-1301
Millner, Mike (Michael) Digital Library SpecialistDigital Research 962-9590
Mills, JodiCirculation SupervisorHouse Undergraduate 962-4183
Mills, JohnFines and Billing 962-4035
Minton, RichardLibrary TechnicianMonographic 962-3805
Mitchem, JosephILS & Carrels 962-4051
Mizzy, DanianneHead of Kenan Science Information ServicesKenan Science 962-1188
Mohanty, SuchiHead, R. B. House Undergraduate LibraryHouse Undergraduate 843-3335
Mohrfeld, LynneProcessing AssistantResearch and Instructional 962-3806
Monette, CarrieMusic Library Evening SupervisorMusic 962-4324
Moore, MargaretDirector of PlanningHSL 962-0703
Moore, Gregg (James) Assistant to the Stone Center LibrarianStone Center Library for Black Culture and 843-5804
Moran, KatherineSerials Acquisitions SpecialistE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-1067
Moreton, Beth (Elizabeth) Nursing Liaison LibrarianHSL User 966-0952
Morton, AnnaRare Book Collection AssistantRare Book 962-0056
Myers, PeggyDirector of Library 843-5651
Nakasone, SonoeSpecial Formats and Metadata CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3833
Nixon, Tommy (Thomas) Classics, Dramatic Art, and English/Comparative Literature LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3808
O'Connor, MichaelStaff Support SpecialistDesktop 966-1427
O'Sullivan, Jim (James) Public Computer Tech Support SpecialistDesktop 962-4055
Ott, ElizabethAssistant Curator of Rare BooksRare Book 962-0056
Outland, EdwardFacilities Maintenance CoordinatorFiscal 843-0064
Owen, Will (Kevin) Associate University Librarian for Technical Services and SystemsTechnical Services and 962-1301
Page, JonathonAssistant Night 962-6201
Palmer, ArdysBinding and Marking 962-3842
Panitch, JudithDirector of Library 843-3619
Paris, JanConservator for Special CollectionsSpecial Collections 843-8476
Patrickis, TerryMusic Cataloging AssistantResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3810
Patterson, BarbaraCommercial Binding 962-1324
Patterson, ChristopherSerials Binding CoordinatorE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3811
Pattillo, GaryCommunication Studies, Education, and Exercise/Sport Science LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3809
Paulson, BrianSpecial Projects Audio Preservation EngineerSouthern Folklife 962-7105
Payne, CarolInformation Associate/Borrowers AccountsHSL User 966-0961
Pennell, Ben (Benjamin) Applications AnalystSoftware 962-3868
Peoples, AnneLibrary TechnicianMonographic 962-3812
Phillippie, MarkMail ClerkFiscal 962-3972
Phipps, GuyFines and Billing 962-4067
Pittman, PattiAdministrative AssistantTriangle Research Libraries 962-8022
Posey, RachaelPharmacy LibrarianHSL User 966-8011
Powell, ChaitraAfrican American Collections and Outreach ArchivistSouthern Historical 962-4342
Proctor, EdwardSouth and South East Asian Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3813
Ramos, Beth (Sarah) Library Personnel 962-8027
Renner, BarbaraLiaison Librarian, Allied Health Sciences/Evaluation SpecialistHSL User 843-7249
Reynolds Sheeran, RachelCoordinator, Special Collections Exhibits and OutreachNorth Carolina 962-0104
Richardson, LeeCataloging and Metadata CoordinatorHSL Resources Management 966-0941
Ripley, ErikaE-Resources & Serials Acquisitions LibrarianE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-0162
Roberts, PamAssistant to the DirectorsHSL 966-0946
Rodwell, ThomasLibrary TechnicianMonographic 962-3815
Romani, DavidLead Linux System Administrator / System SpecialistInfrastructure Management 962-4074
Romito, DavidBiology LibrarianKenan Science Library3290dromito@email.unc.edu919-843-5811
Salvanish, MelissaAcquisitions and Serials Coordinator/Facilities Liaison/Circulation SupervisorHouse Undergraduate 962-4190
Samsky, MonicaElectronic Journals SpecialistHSL Resources Management 966-7290
Savage, NoahReserves Processor/Evening Circulation SupervisorHouse Undergraduate 962-4191
Schell, MaryBethAHEC Digital Library DirectorHSL AHEC and Outreach 966-3124
Segedy, StevenApplications AnalystSoftware 962-4238
Sexton, JillHead of Digital Research ServicesDigital Research 843-5352
Sharpe, TessAdministrative Office AssistantHSL 966-2112
Shawgo, KristanSocial Sciences LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3768
Shearer, TimothyHead, Software DevelopmentSoftware 843-9516
Shelor, MichaelUniversity Library TechnicianKenan Science 962-4993
Shires, JillMusic Cataloging LibrarianResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3820
Shomaker, CarolynFederal Documents CoordinatorResearch and Instructional 962-8041
Silbajoris, ChristieLiaison Librarian, Consumer Health & Patient Education/Director, NC Health InfoHSL AHEC and Outreach 843-6236
Sirls, Doug (Charles) Mail ClerkFiscal 962-3972
Smith, GwendolynUnited Nations and International & State Documents CoordinatorResearch and Instructional 962-3821
Smithers, AaronSouthern Folklife Collection AssistantSouthern Folklife 962-4343
Solis, JacquelineAmerican Studies, Folklore, Linguistics, Anthropology, and Archaeology LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-3822
Soufi, NourMonographic Orders AssistantMonographic 962-3823
Soufi, DeniseMiddle Eastern CatalogerResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3824
Spurgin, KristinaE-Resources CatalogerE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-3825
Squires, SteveAssessment and Research Services LibrarianHSL 966-0612
Stachowicz, ChristineHead of E-Resources & Serials ManagementE-Resources & Serials Management (ESM) 962-0157
Steinhaus, DianeMusic Librarian for Public ServiceMusic 843-0418
Stewart, DouglasHead, Receiving & FastCatMonographic 962-3826
Stipe, Fred (Frederick) Head, Digital Production 962-4829
Stuckey, DeeAcquisitions Coordinator/Assistant Department HeadHSL Resources Management 966-7257
Suarez, GinaTransfers CoordinatorResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-3828
Sundquist, ShaunSystems AdministratorInfrastructure Management 962-4089
Swindler, Jr., LukeCollections Management OfficerCollection 962-1095
Swogger, SusanCollections Development LibrarianHSL Resources Management 966-0777
Szary, RichardDirector of the Wilson Library and Associate University Librarian for Special CollectionsWilson Special Collections 962-8125
Teague, DwainAssociate Director of Library 962-3437
Terll, LizaExecutive Secretary, Friends of the 962-4207
Titkemeyer, EricaProject Director and AV ConservatorSouthern Folklife 962-4339
Tolpygo, KirillSlavic and East European Studies LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-8044
Tomberlin, JasonHead of Research and Instructional ServicesResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections) 843-5863
Tomola, LaurenAHEC Knowledge Management LibrarianHSL AHEC and Outreach 966-0964
Triumph, ThereseScience LibrarianKenan Science 962-1188
Truesdale, JonathanBorrower's Cards and Weekend 962-3901
Turi, MatthewManuscripts Research and Instruction LibrarianResearch and Instructional Services (Special Collections) 843-9620
Tysinger, BarbaraCataloging LibrarianHSL Resources Management 966-0949
Vandermeer, PhilipHead, Music LibraryMusic 966-1114
Vargha, RebeccaSILS LibrarianSchool of Information and Library Science Library3360vargha@ils.unc.edu919-962-8361
Varner, Stewart (Robert) Digital Scholarship LibrarianResearch and Instructional 962-2094
Vassiliadis, KimHead, User ExperienceUser 843-2310
Walker, Bill (William) Stacks 962-3897
Walker, JenniferLiaison Librarian, Cancer Information ServicesHSL User 966-0958
Walsh, JasonApplications AnalystHSL Web Developer 966-1416
Weiss, StevenCurator, Southern Folklife CollectionSouthern Folklife 962-7105
Welborn, MattStacks Operations 962-4097
Whichard, MitchellHead, Davis Library 962-5759
White, MaryTraCS Knowledge Management LibrarianHSL User 966-0953
Williams, StephanieNorth Carolina Digital Heritage Center ProgrammerSoftware 962-4836
Williams, JoeDirector of Public ServicesPublic 962-3846
Wiltshire, JakeDirector of Development and CommunicationsHSL 966-0943
Wrenn, SusanPurchasing & Facilities ManagerFiscal 962-8028
Wright, SarahUser Services LibrarianHSL User 966-7340
Wysor, JohnPublic Computing SpecialistDesktop 962-8116
Yarborough, MargarettaHead, Resource Description & ManagementResource Description & Management (RDM) 962-9693
Zimorowicz, BrianSpecial Projects & LSC 962-4101
Zombar, DeborahExecutive Assistant to the University 962-1302