Request a Book (for non-affiliated users)

This form is for North Carolina residents with a borrower’s card and registered borrowers from another University to request:

  • A checked-out book
  • A book kept in the Library Service Center (LSC) or in storage
  • A book from the Science Library Annex

If you are a UNC affiliate with an active Onyen, please use Carolina BLU to place your request instead.

What to Expect After Your Request

We will hold books/items that are due within a month for you when they are returned. The Library may recall a book/item checked out for longer than a month. This means the Library will contact the current borrower and ask them to return the book/item sooner.

You will receive an email when book/item is returned. You will have 7 days to pick up the book/item.

Not all campus libraries offer this service. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Note: Media Resources Center items cannot be requested.
  • Please include details about your request not included above.