Library Data Consultants Provide Data for Students

The University Libraries supported faculty by identifying and preparing reputable datasets.

Are you a faculty member teaching with data? The University Libraries can help! The new Ideas in Action curriculum features a course called Triple-I: Ideas, Information, & Inquiry. The Triple-I courses bring together three faculty members from disparate disciplines to teach a topic from different perspectives. There is also a data literacy component to the course where students learn to work with data pertinent to the course topics.  

Preparing materials for the data literacy component of the new Triple-I courses was a tremendous effort, led by OASIS and the Faculty Director of Triple-I Data Literacy, supported by the University Libraries. With assistance from the Numeric Data Services & Data Management Librarian, a Library Data Consultant (LDC) identified and prepared reputable datasets for each Triple-I topic. The LDC also created assignments on topics ranging from data ethics and guidelines to data cleaning, making use of software ranging from R to Tableau. 

Want an LDC to help out with your class or project? Learn more and apply on our Faculty Support page!