Government Information


Government information services are provided by Research and Instructional Services at Davis Library. The collection includes over three million items from state, federal, foreign, and international governmental organizations. Formats include print, microforms, data sets, maps, posters, CD’s, DVD’s and online.

Depository Collections:

  • U.S. Federal government:
    • Collection goes back to 1789;
    • A depository since 1884;
    • Federal Regional Depository Library since 1962.
  • United Nations publications: since 1946.


The Government Documents collection is open to the public and is housed in the Lower Level of Davis Library. To gain access, please ask at the Service Desk on the first floor. Staff members are available to retrieve documents for you, or you may visit and browse the collection yourself.

Many of the documents in the collection are available for check out following the library’s normal loan policies. Items that are fragile, not widely available, and/or marked with an orange sticker on the spine may be library-use only.  If you wish to check out an item, please ask the Government Documents staff as we hope to accommodate your research needs.


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