Printers, Scanners, & Computers

Print printer

CCI printing stations can be found across campus. For a complete list of CCI printers available in the libraries, see the ITS website

Guest Printing

Davis Library: 1st floor
Health Sciences Library: 1st floor


Carolina Copy and Photocopy Supports Services have copiers placed in several libraries across campus.

Scan scanner

Scanners are available in the following libraries:
Davis Library
Health Sciences Library
Park Journalism Library
Kenan Science Library & Science Annex
Music Library
Sloane Art Library
Stone Center Library
Undergraduate Library
Wilson Library – North Carolina Collection

Computing computer

Most campus libraries offer computers for UNC affiliates. A valid Onyen and password are required to log in to these workstations.

Davis Library, the Undergraduate Library, and the Health Sciences Library offer designated computers that are available for registered library borrowers and guests. To obtain a guest ID, a photo ID is required.

Wireless Access wireless

Wireless access for UNC affiliates
Wireless access is available throughout campus for UNC affiliates. For information and instructions on how to connect to the UNC-Chapel Hill Network see “Connecting to the UNC Networks.”

Wireless access for Guests & Visitors
Guest wireless access is available in several of the University Libraries for visitors bringing their own laptop or device with 802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) capability. See the ITS Guest Wireless page for details