Modernization of Legacy Microscopy Equipment

Our lab runs a small microscopy facility for the McAllister Heart Institute in the School of Medicine. We were able to acquire cutting-edge microscope cameras for use in this facility, but due to the age of one microscope we were unable to mount the camera’s optics to the scope body. I designed and printed a phototube adapter to allow the camera to be mounted to the microscope, where it is used by several research labs in a number of cardiovascular research projects. We have also printed an adapter for imaging cell culture dishes in this same microscope facility.
This photo demonstrates the camera in action, imaging sections of tumors our lab is interested in. The part I manufactured with Makerspace is the blue cylinder at the top of the microscope, which is bolted to the microscope body and holds the camera in place with tension screws.
-Andrew Dudley, Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
-Jim Dunleavey