Low-Field NMR Spectrometer

Our lab performs magnetic resonance experiments with hyperpolarized Xenon gas produced by a commercial polarizer. The polarizer uses light and alkali metal vapor to polarize Xenon nuclei via spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP). We are currently building a low-field NMR spectrometer to perform measurements of Xenon gas polarization across the polarizer’s optical pumping cell. In order to measure polarization across the cell simultaneously, we need to construct multiple, identical NMR surface coils. By using the 3D printing capabilities at the Kenan Makerspace, we have been able to accomplish this task quickly and easily, and devote more time to the physics involved in the SEOP process. The first image is a homemade NMR coil positioned on the top of the polarizer optical cell. This coil enables us to measure Xe polarization during the spin-exchange optical pumping process. The second image is low-field NMR coils wrapped on 3D printed coil forms designed to better fit on the polarizer optical cell surface.
-Tamara Branca, Branca Lab, Department of Physics and Astronomy