Maternal and Child Health Home Visiting

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Researchers at the Jordan Institute for Families, part of the UNC School of Social Work, conducted the first in-depth analysis of the current field of maternal and child health home visiting in North Carolina. The project’s final report, North Carolina Landscape Study of Early Home Visiting Programs, includes several visualizations to communicate the study results.

The Research Hub GIS Librarian assisted in creating the maps, utilizing geocoded data available through published literature and the project survey. The maps reflect the locations and concentrations of home visit providers, child population, families served, and service gaps in North Carolina.

Interactive maps are available online, and the final report includes three of the visualizations. The map of service gaps highlights locations with low availability of home visiting services, many of which are located in North Carolina’s rural and suburban areas. The study was led by Drs. Paul Lanier and Sarah Verbiest at the Jordan Institute for Families.