Geological Sciences Research Output Analysis

What organizations and co-authors do faculty commonly collaborate with? What topics are they writing about? To answer these questions, Kenan Science Library worked with the UNC Department of Geological Sciences faculty to conduct a series of bibliometric analyses to examine the past ten year of scholarly output (2009-present). The data was collected from the Scopus abstract and citation database and visualized using VOSviewer.

Three main visualizations were produced: a keyword plot, a co-author plot and an organizational analysis plot. Each graph visualizes a bibliometric network analysis, where denser clusters and more similar colors indicate a higher level of relatedness. In addition, larger individual circle size indicates a higher frequency of use. 

Understanding these research behaviors will be an aid for identifying new opportunities and developing strategic plans. Specifically, this will allow the Geological Sciences department to understand relevant research trends and provide Kenan Science librarians with critical information for making collection management decisions.