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03/05/2003Bookstore owner's past belief in left-wing views (letter) 10  SHELDON, BOB
04/06/2000Professor named head of Medical Association 3a  SHELDON, GEORGE
10/23/1997UNC professor to preside over surgical association 3  SHELDON, GEORGE
11/20/1996Medical professor elected to Institute of Medicine 3  SHELDON, GORDON
09/06/1994UNC freshman Shelden recalls friendships in winning prestigous $8,000 scholarship 3  MOREHEAD SCHOLARS
04/27/1994UNC professor named head of surgical group 3  SHELDON GEORGE
02/17/1994Slain bookstore owner honored in memorial 3  SHELDON, BOB
12/08/1993Surgery Department head wins national safety prize 3  SHELDON, GEORGE
10/05/1993Symposium will feature humanities chief, novelist 3  HACKNEY, SHELDON
02/22/1993Friends, colleagues remember slain activist 3  SHELDON ,BOB
10/05/1992Muslim group aims to sheld new light on religion 2  MUSLIM STUDENTS
11/06/1991Editorial: Keeping the dream alive 8  SHELDON, BOB
04/02/1991Book store re-opens after 6 weeks 1  SHELDON, BOB
03/06/1991Skylight to sell Internationalist texts 3  SHELDON, BOB
03/05/1991Police look for man seen in store 1  SHELDON, BOB
03/01/1991Peaceniks jump to conclusion (letter) 8  SHELDON, BOB
02/28/1991Committee offers $5000 reward for... 1  SHELDON, BOB
...Committee offers reward (Sheldon) 1  MURDER, CHAPEL HILL
02/25/1991Internationalist Books owner dies... 1  SHELDON, BOB
...Residents gather to remember, praise 1  SHELDON, BOB
10/18/1961Sheldon & MacDougal Head '62 Campus Chest Project 3  CAMPUS CHEST, 1961