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01/17/2013Perdue to speak on leadership 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
11/02/2012Secretary of the U.S. Navy speaks about leadership 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
10/24/2012Jesse Jackson will visit UNC 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
10/23/2012Students eager for Bill Nye visit 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
10/22/2012Bill Nye to visit UNC in November 1  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
10/11/2012Douthat stresses capitalism's benefits 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
10/02/2012Southern author to give annual lecture 7  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
09/25/2012Parker talks on welfare failures 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
09/21/2012Stossel to tape show at UNC 9  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
09/06/2012Big-name debate announced 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
08/29/2012Libertarian VP hopeful visits UNC 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
04/13/2012A Fox in the Hen House 1  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
04/10/2012Speakers dicuss China's economic boom 5  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
03/29/2012First lady to speak at A&T 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
03/28/2012Newt Gingrich postpones NC visit 7  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
03/14/2012College Republicans find venue for Cain 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
02/28/2012Still no venue for Cain visit 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
02/22/2012Ed: It isn't rocket science 8  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
02/20/2012Speaker fees may face cap 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
02/14/2012Herman Cain talk faces delays 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
01/09/2012CUAB ticket sales on rise after slow start 14  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
03/21/2011A head start: Senior presidents smart to begin speaker search early 11  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
03/03/2011A Nobel gift: Smithies uses Nobel winnings to fund symposia 3  SPEAKERS, SCHEDULING
12/02/2004Scheduling debate isn't unique to city schools 3  CHAPEL HILL-CARRBORO SCHOOLS
11/18/2004Battle over scheduling to rear its head 4  CHAPEL HILL-CARRBORO BOARD OF EDUCATION
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