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04/13/2015The business of panhandling 1  PANHANDLING ORDINANCES
04/01/2014UNC's e-cigarette policy to be determined 6  SMOKING ORDINANCES
02/04/2013DPS raises awareness of jaywalking 3  JAYWALKING, ORDINANCES
12/03/2012Owners protest state smoking ban 3  SMOKING ORDINANCES
11/28/2012Ed: Food for thought 8  ORDINANCES, PARKING
11/26/2012Countywide smoking ban approved last week 3  SMOKING ORDINANCES
10/08/2012Smoking ban has potential to affect smoke shops' business 1  SMOKING ORDINANCES
10/03/2012Smoking ban garners positive feedback in survey 3  SMOKING ORDINANCES
09/24/2012County considers updating smoking ban 1  SMOKING ORDINANCES
...Housing on town agenda 3  ORDINANCES, CHAPEL HILL
08/31/2012Parking restrictions go into effect 3  ORDINANCES, PARKING
04/12/2012Town to expand 'spouse' 3  ORDINANCES, CHAPEL HILL
02/28/2012Hookah's slow burn 1  SMOKING ORDINANCES
01/11/2012New Northside ordinance to limit parking this fall 1  PARKING ORDINANCES
12/05/2011Human Rights Center receives extension, must relocate by March 1 1  ORDINANCES, CHAPEL HILL
...Town to vote on parking limits 3  ORDINANCES, PARKING
11/29/2011Town Council finalizes details for food trucks 1  ORDINANCES, CHAPEL HILL
...Ed: The 'predatory' problem 8  ORDINANCES, CHAPEL HILL
11/28/2011Anti-lingering repeal sees mixed reaction 3  ANTI-LINGERING ORDINANCES
10/25/2011DiPhi members host panhandling debate 3  PANHANDLING ORDINANCES
10/05/2011Ed: The latest limit: The proposed parking limit goes too far 8  PARKING ORDINANCES
09/29/2011Home parking may be limited 3  PARKING ORDINANCES
09/27/2011Constitutionality of panhandling debated 1  PANHANDLING ORDINANCES
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