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09/24/2004Generalization concerning liberals was unwarranted (letter) 8  MISSILE DICK CHICKS
09/22/2004Protesting singers weren't respectful of other views (letter) 10  MISSILE DICK CHICKS
09/21/2004Missile command 9  MISSILE DICK CHICKS
10/25/2001Taliban forces fire missiles at U. S. jets 1  TERRORISM, WAR ON
05/02/2000Marchers' missile hits Franklin 1  SEE STREET CELEBRATIONS (FRANKLIN STREET)
01/23/1991Iraqi missile strikes Tel Aviv 1  GULF WAR 1991
03/01/1963Mac warns Russia keep hands off Cuba 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
02/26/1963Dirksen reports 4 Americans died in Cuba invasion 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
02/20/1963Soviets to Remove 'Several Thousand' Troops From Cuba 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
02/12/1963Ground rules are laid for disarmament 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
02/08/1963More arms in Cuba would set off crisis, JFK says 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
...Senate committee says arms are still in Cuba 3  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
02/07/1963Cuban arms gone, McNamara claims 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
02/06/1963McNamara call GOP statement on Cuban arms 'Irresponsible' 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
01/13/1963Ed: Myths of left and right surround U.S. cuban policy 2  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
01/08/1963British say their jets 'hit' the U.S. 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
12/18/19623 UNC Students Still Defy Warning Against Cuba Trip 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
12/14/1962NATO lauds US actions in Cuban crisis 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
12/11/1962Guevara discloses Castro planned to loose Russian nuclear arms at New York 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
12/09/1962Kennedy considers space speedup 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
...Khrushchev to give report on Cuban Crisis to Soviet 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
12/04/1962Russia begins shipping jets out of Cuba 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
11/13/1962J.F.K. stands firm on bomber removal 1  CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
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