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08/24/2011Students in North Carolina and Virginia react to the magnitude 5.8 earthquake 1  EARTHQUAKES
03/14/2011Students safe after Japanese quake strikes: four lived south of hardest hit areas 1  EARTHQUAKES
01/12/2011When Haiti Calls 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
04/16/2010Town seeks to help Haiti 3  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
04/08/2010Haiti trip reminds local doctors about priorities 13  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
02/17/2010Student organizations 'selebre' Haitian culture 9  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
02/15/2010Haitian patients at UNC share stories of survival 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
...A supportive family 3  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
02/01/2010Service trips to Haiti on hold 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
01/28/2010Haiti victim recounts the pain, anxiety 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
...Ed: Good job, UNC Hospitals 12  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
01/27/2010UNC receives Haitian patients 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
01/19/2010UNC preps for Haiti patients 1  EARTHQUAKE
...UNC preps for Haiti patients 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
...UNC preps for Haiti patients 1  EARTHQUAKES
...Chapel Hill experiences flurry of fundraising efforts 8  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
...UNC alumnus dies in Haiti 8  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
01/15/2010Relatives still worried 1  HAITI EARTHQUAKE 2010
09/18/1997Earthquake researchers study N.C. 1  SEISMIC EVENTS, UNC
01/20/1994UNC students feel pain of California quake 3  EARTHQUAKE, LA 1994
01/19/1994Earthquake leaves Californians in Chaos 1  EARTHQUAKE, LA 1994
01/19/1976Stewart flies over the scene of quake 1  EARTHQUAKE