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10/11/2011Corporate monvey allows for a vocal democracy (letter) 12  OCCUPY MOVEMENT
01/24/2011Time for democracy: Senior hopes to empower Tunisian youth 3  MASMOUDI, MARIEM
09/25/2008Reporter fights for democracy 3  SPEAKER AT UNC
11/11/2004Op.Ed: Like doily hunting, democracy demands constant attention 12  STUDENT ACTIVISM
11/08/2004Group to compel politicians to respond more to voters (letter) 10  DEMOCRACY MATTERS
09/14/2004Middle East experts to lead campus talks 8  AMERICANS FOR INFORMED DEMOCRACY
09/09/2004Hip-hop poet to tout message of democracy 2  SPEAKERS ON CAMPUS
03/15/2004Travels mobilize student activists 3  PROJECT DEMOCRACY
03/28/2003Installing democracy might take decades 1  US-IRAQI RELATIONS
09/10/1997Ram Road protestors make effort to preserve democracy (letter) 12  RAM ROAD
04/19/1995Professor: African democracy fragile 3  HABTE-MICHAEL, KEBREAB
...Professor: african democracy fragile 3  NEGASH, MENGSTAAB
03/18/1992Marsalis compares jazz to American democracy 3  MARSALIS, WYNTON
02/17/1992UNC: You want democracy? Then get it right (letter) 9  CAMPUS ELECTIONS 1992
10/18/1991Democracy's birth came with (letter) 8  NATIVE AMERICANS
02/07/1990Speaker focuses on democracy movements 3  MAUTNER, MARTHA
02/20/1989Op.Ed: A sham of democracy & fairness 11  SEE SRC (RECREATION CENTER)
01/18/1983Editorial: Direct democracy? 4  CGC BUDGET 1983
09/17/1975Democracy and buses (letter) 6  CHAPEL HILL TRANSIT (CHT)
10/03/1974Op.Ed: Democracy for Greeks 6  GREEK LETTER SOCIETIES
12/17/1970Democracy fails on UNC campus (letter) 6  FRANK, NYLE
11/10/1968Editorial Cartoon: Democracy Is The One Form Of Govt. That Gets What It Deserves & Not What It Needs 2  EDITORIAL CARTOONS
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