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12/07/2010New stovetops aim to prevent cooking fires 8  DORMITORIES, UNC
11/22/2010New kind of soul food - Mama Dip to help judge cooking contest 3  MAMA DIP'S RESTAURANT
12/07/2009New stovetops aim to prevent cooking fires 8  FIRE SAFETY, UNC
03/03/1999New Dip's, But Same Home Cooking 10  DIP'S COUNTRY KITCHEN
...New Dip's, But Same Home Cooking 10  RESTAURANT, CHAPEL HILL
01/29/1997Homecoming project gets students cooking 1  RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE
04/25/1985CGC opposes cooking restrictions 1  DORM COOKING
04/16/1985Hot pan ban a possibility in dorms 1  DORM COOKING
03/27/1985Dorm cooking stirs debate 1  DORM COOKING
12/02/1982New policy draws fire from SG 1  DORM COOKING
11/23/1982New policy to be tough on violations 1  DORM COOKING
11/22/1982Editorial: Cookout 6  DORM COOKING
11/16/1982UNC forerunner in state in cooking... 1  DORM COOKING
11/15/1982UNC schools slow to make policy change 1  DORM COOKING
11/01/1982Cooking policy enforcement 5  DORM COOKING
10/18/1982Vandenbergh proposes new cooking policy 1  DORM COOKING
09/16/1982Student Government, RHA differ... 1  DORM COOKING
09/15/1982Cooking policy future unsure... 1  DORM COOKING
09/01/1982Students attend forum..appliances 1  DORM COOKING
08/27/1982Editorial: No frying pan 6  DORM COOKING
08/23/1982Dorm cooking policy causing... 1  DORM COOKING
07/29/1982Some cooking appliances..prohibited 4  DORM COOKING
10/25/1978Dorm chef: Eating alternative... 5  DORM COOKING
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