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09/07/2012Student fees likely to increase this fall 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
10/07/2011UNC student athletic fees could rise by $90 this year 3  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/10/2010All three fee referendums pass 6  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
12/01/2004Moeser asks for study of fees 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
10/26/2004Paying officials rejects purpose of activity fees 9  STANSBURY, JOEY
03/03/2004New funding plan rejected 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
03/02/2004Allocation issue in voters' hands today 3  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
03/01/2004Congress approves $13K post 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
...Editorial: No on referendum 10  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/27/2004Runoff to help voting on fees 3  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/26/2004Op.Ed: Congress retains oversight even if referendum passes 14  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/25/2004Leaders to hold forum on fees 3  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/23/2004Op.Ed: Change enables better funding 13  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
...Op.Ed: Guaranteed Funding 13  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
...Op.Ed: Referendum nixes oversight from Congress 13  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
...Op.Ed: Student funding must be shared 13  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
...Op.Ed: We can leave mark on UNC honor, integrity 13  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/18/2004Congress spending to bring Oliver North is questionable (letter) 10  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/17/2004Officials ponder funding surplus 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/10/2004Push for referendum postponed by leaders 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/09/2004Leaders push for vote on fee shift 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
02/12/2003Voters OK student activity fee hike 1  STUDENT ACTIVITY FEES
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