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04/23/2015Ross, other NC leaders talk higher education 1  ROSS, Thomas
02/13/2015Systemwide, faculty protest Ross ouster 3  ROSS, Thomas
02/03/2015Faculty discuss response to Ross ouster 3  ROSS, Thomas
01/28/2015President search process revisited 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/20/2015Still looking for answers 1  ROSS, Thomas
11/25/2013Ross appointed to higher education task force 3  ROSS, Thomas
11/11/2013Tom Ross outlines 5-year plan for UNC system 1  ROSS, Thomas
09/25/2013Running the system 1  ROSS, Thomas
04/16/2013System president criticizes out-of-state tuition hike 3  ROSS, Thomas
03/21/2013McCrory proposes $55 million cut to UNC system 1  ROSS, Thomas
10/29/2012Legislators to advise on UNC's direction 1  ROSS, Thomas
10/02/2012Southern author to give annual lecture 7  THOMAS WOLFE LECTURER
09/19/2012Ed: More student input 14  ROSS, Thomas
09/11/2012Professor recognized for work at UNC 3  THOMAS JEFFERSON AWARD
02/02/2012Too late for change 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/31/2012Hikes too high for some on BOG 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/26/2012Ross wants 9.9 percent hike for UNC-CH 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/23/2012ASG to finalize stance on tuition 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/18/2012Cooper behind Ross on tuition 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/17/2012Ross firm on UNC tuition 1  ROSS, Thomas
01/13/2012Ross asks for 10 percent cap 1  ROSS, Thomas
...Ed: Excellence and accessibility 12  ROSS, Thomas
11/01/2011Efforts to eliminate degree programs face challenges 1  ROSS, Thomas
10/13/2011Thomas Ross headlines University Day program 11  UNIVERSITY DAY
ROSS, Thomas
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