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05/01/2000Nike fails to renew UM deal 1  SWEATSHOPS
04/27/2000Editorial: Something to hide 18  SWEATSHOPS
04/24/2000Sweating toward a solution 1  SWEATSHOPS
04/05/2000Students continue protest against labor group 1  SWEATSHOPS
04/03/2000McCoy agrees to joint labor ties 1  SWEATSHOPS
...UW-M cuts licensee ties, seeks factory discloures 3  SWEATSHOPS
03/31/2000Committee promises to address violations 1  SWEATSHOPS
03/30/2000Student files labor complaint 1  SWEATSHOPS
03/21/2000Committee sets schedule for labor proposal 1  SWEATSHOPS
03/10/2000Labor recommendation delayed 2 weeks 2  SWEATSHOPS
03/08/2000Duke drops clothing contracts 3  SWEATSHOPS
03/06/2000Labaor protesters use 'jam session' to call for. . . 1  SWEATSHOPS
03/01/2000UNC labor options stir debate 1  SWEATSHOPS
02/28/2000Protesters bare all in UNC labor fight 1  SWEATSHOPS
02/24/2000Group to party in protest of FLA 3  SWEATSHOPS
02/22/2000Arrests to quash labor protest at UW-M 2  SWEATSHOPS
02/21/200048 arrests end labor protest 3  SWEATSHOPS
02/17/2000Anti-sweatshop protest escalates students . . . 4  SWEATSHOPS
02/16/2000Duke protesters demand full disclosure 6  SWEATSHOPS
02/09/2000Students sit-in for licensing change 2  SWEATSHOPS
01/13/2000UNC ups disclosure deadline 1  SWEATSHOPS
10/21/1999Students Stage Sweat In to Show Workers Plight  SWEATSHOPS
10/05/1999Committee to Address Labor Woes 1  SWEATSHOPS
09/27/1999Licensing CEO Probes UNC's Role in Labor Fighht 1  SWEATSHOPS
09/24/1999Speaker Calls for Labor Action 3  SWEATSHOPS
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