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02/02/2015Ed: Burr-ying the truth 5  BURR, RICHARD
09/14/2012An outside review will cost the University more than $70,000 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
11/11/2011Baddour bids farewell 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
11/03/2011Baddour defends athletics 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
08/29/2011AD search committee holds first meeting 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
01/12/2011UNC still waiting on NCAA rulings 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
11/19/2010Four awarded by UNC Board of Trustees with high honor 3  STEVENS, RICHARD
11/10/2010Athletic Director says investigation slowing 6  BADDOUR, RICHARD
11/03/2010Burr re-elected in US Senate race 1  BURR, RICHARD
10/12/2010Done. "We can't deny that there[s alot of smoke around here, whicha means we've go to go deep." 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
10/06/2010Faculty talk athletic stigma - Express concern with public image 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
...Athletic director dick Baddour should be let go (letter) 8  BADDOUR, RICHARD
10/01/2010'Bad decisions' mount during review former coach Blake no stranger to NCAA infractions 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
09/10/2010Academic misconduct could go back years 1  BADDOUR, RICHARD
08/31/2010Burr's lead weakens in polls 3  BURR, RICHARD
06/24/2010Marshall to face Burr in November 1  BURR, RICHARD
04/21/2010Senate candidates talk taxes, jobs, economy 8  BURR, RICHARD
04/16/2010Baddour imparts wisdom to job searchers 8  BADDOUR, RICHARD
11/17/2009Health care reform divides N.C. delegation 1  BURR, RICHARD
10/28/2004Burr rallies crowd on campus 1  BURR, RICHARD
10/27/2004Flag was desecrated before protester tried to burn it (letter) 8  BEAN, Richard
10/20/2004Compton resorted to cheap personal attacks in column (letter) 8  BEAN, Richard
09/14/2004Friendly debate 1  BEAN, Richard
08/31/2004UNC psychiatrist tests new drug 7  MAILMAN, Richard
08/27/2004UNC to search for 2 deans 2  COLE, RICHARD
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