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09/02/1988Search to fill Renwick position 1  STUDENT COUNSELING
06/09/1988Former dean remains close to UNC. . . 5  RENWICK, HAYDEN
02/09/1988Parting words: 'last lecture' 3  RENWICK, HAYDEN
01/15/1988Editorial: Renwick 10  RENWICK, HADYEN
01/14/1988Renwick resigns 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
03/17/1986Op.Ed: UNC fails, employment practices 8  RENWICK, HAYDEN
02/24/1986Blacks lack supports at UNC. . . 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
01/29/1986Academic emphasis, minorities 2  RENWICK, HAYDEN
10/29/1985Smith demands. . .(Renwick letter) 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
08/22/1985Roles for blacks are changing. . . 4c  RENWICK, HAYDEN
09/21/1983Defendants in libel suit. . .Supreme Court 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
09/28/1982New grade requirement enacted 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
03/18/1982Op.Ed: Preconceived ideas & integration 8  RENWICK, HAYDEN
02/26/1982Renwick to appeal court decision 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
11/04/1981UNC dean files $3 million claim 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
09/29/1980BSM passing petitions for Renwick 3  BLACK STUDENT MOVEMENT (BSM)
01/28/1980Playful barbs for Renwick 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
10/29/1979Renwick reiterates charges to. . . 3  RENWICK, HAYDEN
10/24/1979Faculty Council approves Long report 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
10/12/1979Renwick details policy changes 1  RENWICK, HAYDEN
10/11/1979Op.Ed: Renwick's OSS proposal. . . 8  RENWICK, HAYDEN
09/21/1979Editorial: The challenges ahead 10  RENWICK, HAYDEN
09/17/1979Editorial: One year later (Long Report) 6  RENWICK, HAYDEN
...Op.Ed: Renwick sticks to guns. . . 6  RENWICK, HAYDEN
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