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01/10/2012LFIT classes include CPR/AED training 7  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
10/13/2010Dedication marks final stage of science complex 3  CAROLINA PHYSICAL SCIENCE COMPLEX
09/17/2010Passion Pit tickets sell fast - Union couldn't physically sell all 1  CAROLINA UNION ACTIVITIES BOARD (CUAB)
04/22/2004Building a future 3  CAROLINA PHYSICAL SCIENCE COMPLEX
02/10/1999Physical Education Plays Vital Role . . . 14  BICKFORD, BARBARA
...Physical Education Plays Vital Role . . . 14  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
01/24/1997Charting a new course 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
11/29/1995UNC Course Helps Area Students Get a Leg Up 2  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
08/22/1994UNC Ordered to Reinstate Plant Worker 5A  PHYSICAL PLANT
04/20/1994Physical therapy student dies in wreck 1  GALLAGHER, LISA
03/03/1993The problems confronting physically disabled... 5  HANDICAPPED SERVICES
02/11/1992P.E. department ranks among nation's best 3  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
01/10/1992Continuing plant construction delays UNC takeover 3  PHYSICAL PLANT
10/16/1991Housing investigation questioned by staff 1  PHYSICAL PLANT
10/11/1991Residents: UNC should take gripes seriously 1  PHYSICAL PLANT
08/26/1991P.E. removes restrictions, adds section 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF
04/17/1991Shaky communication leads to. . . 8  PHYSICAL PLANT
04/11/1991Contractor agrees to regulate boiler 3  PHYSICAL PLANT
03/27/1991Registration, fall P.E. . . .restricted 1  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
03/22/1991UNC to suffer from firing (letter) 8  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
12/05/1990Racial grievance hearing postponed 1  PHYSICAL PLANT
11/27/1990Housekeepers receive pay increases 1  PHYSICAL PLANT
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