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08/18/2012Hans to focus on efficiency as leader 11  HANS, PETER
06/21/2012Hans to focus on efficiency, lobbying as leader 3  HANS, PETER
11/14/2011UNC alum sheds light on history of flight 5  MCMILLAN, Peter
11/07/2011Professor awarded for his Hungarian studies research 3  SHERWOOD, Peter
03/04/2011UNC remembers Rev. Peter Gomes 9  GOMES, Peter
08/30/2010Mamos hypnotizes students 5  MAMOS, PETER
01/31/2008UNC lacks Latino funds 1  KAUFMAN, Prof, Peter
10/29/2007St. Petersburg orchestra sells out Memorial Hall 3  GRAHAM MEMORIAL HALL
11/16/2004Global studies face uphill battle 6  COCLANIS, PETER
09/09/2004Harvard minister named May speaker 1  GOMES, Peter
07/15/2004UNC study reveals extensive mislabeling of red snapper 3  MARKO, Peter B.
07/08/2004Investor backs fellowship for 9 UNC students' travel 3  BONEPARTH, Peter
04/23/2004Countdown to final exams 15  PETERSEN, Meg
04/14/2004Grants boost service courses 2  PETERSON, Charlotte
01/13/2004Worker dispute ends in payment 1  SCHLEDORN, PETER
10/27/2003Officials suggest change in cap plan 1  KEBER, PETER
10/09/2003UNC roots to important chemist 1  AGRE, PETER
04/14/2003House picks 8 for seats on BOG 3  KEBER, PETER
04/03/20032nd illegal web site sale prompts student's arrest 2  BARNIDGE, PETER
01/29/2003UNC student charged with false pretenses 3  BARNIDGE, PETER
02/15/2002Providing nourishment for a growing devotion to the plant world 3  SMITH, PETER
07/19/2001Flexibility not the answer to problems for housekeepers [letter] 8  SCHLEDORN, PETER
03/07/2000DNA, book top attorneys' talk 3  NEUFELD, PETER
01/13/2000Former faculty chairmen blast tuition increase 1  ANDREWS, PETE
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