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01/16/2004UNC should applaud Smith Center protesters' freedom (letter) 8  PEARSON, ANDREW
01/13/2004Editorial: Facing the music 10  PEARSON, ANDREW
...Protesters embodied values inherent to the University (letter) 10  PEARSON, ANDREW
01/12/2004University should drop all charges against protesters (letter) 10  PEARSON, ANDREW
01/09/2004Protester appeals court decision 1  PEARSON, ANDREW
10/31/2003Protesters receive service sentence 3  PEARSON, ANDREW
10/29/2003Case against 2 UNC-court stormers postponed 3  PEARSON, ANDREW
02/10/1997Pearson to agitate 2  CAMPUS ELECTIONS, 1997
SBP, 1997
02/07/1997Dealing with a necessary evil 1  PEARSON, ANDREW
02/03/1997Student body president platforms 11  PEARSON, ANDREW
11/06/1995Family Accepts Belated Duke Apology 3  CLARKE-PEARSON, DONALD
10/09/1995Clarke-Pearson coverage was tabloid journalism [letter] 13  CLARKE-PEARSON, DONALD
10/04/1995Clarke-Pearson defense pleased 3  CLARKE-PEARSON, DON
10/03/1995Charges dropped against CHHS grad 1  CLARKE-PEARSON CASE
09/20/1995Rape suspect placed under house arrest 3  CLARKE-PEARSON, DONALD
04/05/1898Will work for Vanderbilt - UNC curator on taxidermy job at Biltmore 1  PEARSON, T. G - Curator UNC Biological Museum
01/31/1895Mr. Pearson Closes his Revival 2  PEARSON, Rev. R. G.
01/19/1895Mr. Pearson's Meeting 1  PEARSON, Rev. R. G.