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02/23/2004Nazis face slew of protesters 3  PROTESTS
10/21/1994Resistance to Nazis on display 3  STEINBACH, PETER
04/11/1991. . .avoids mission 'young Nazis' (letter) 8  CAROLINA CRITIC
11/30/1988Neo-Nazi youth movement growing 1  RACE RELATIONS
04/20/1984Vigil protests Klan, Nazi acquittal 3  KU KLUX KLAN
04/22/1983More Klansmen, Nazis indicted 1  KU KLUX KLAN
02/17/1981Klan-Nazi editorial prompts petition 1  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/24/1980Readers speak-out on verdict (letters) 6  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/21/1980'Rally for Justice' 1  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
...Op.Ed: Out of right field... 10  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/20/1980Op.Ed: Black Nationalism: Farrakhan... 8  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
...Op.Ed: Police, not trial, at fault 8  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/19/1980Verdict causes concern across state 1  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
...Nazi leader details party's future 3  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/18/1980Klan-Nazi defendants acquitted 1  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
...Editorial: Justice is just a word 6  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/17/1980Jury's long delay surprises lawyers 2  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/05/1980Prosecutor derides self-defense 3  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
11/04/1980Closing arguments begun in trial 2  KLAN-NAZI TRIAL
09/04/1980CWP efforts frustrate state 1  KLAN/NAZI TRIAL
08/27/1980UNC doctors support CWP defense fund 1  KLAN/NAZI TRIAL
08/25/1980Greensboro trial.... 1e  KLAN/NAZI TRIAL
07/03/1980Saunders (SBP) called for jury 1  KLAN/NAZI TRIAL
02/23/1979Azech porf relates run-in with Nazis 3  ANDERLE, JOSEF
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